Storage Solutions While on Holiday: How Your Items Can Follow You

When on holiday, we will not want to have too many items with us because these will weigh heavy in our suitcase or rucksack, and not be as secure as they might have been at home. The solution, when you already have the holiday booked, is to find storage fast. This is possible by looking online.

With storage and holidays in mind, we will look to explore the possibilities of obtaining storage at our destination and other solutions that will mean we have a good trip. For instance, at the time of writing, you could book a small 5’ x 5’ self-storage unit at St Petersburg, FL for $79. This includes a discount.

Holiday Storage

It is possible to arrange holiday storage online just as we might book a holiday that way. It is as simple as looking up a supplier of self-storage units. These can be known as extra storage or public storage units. Whatever, they are referred to, you will note that they come in different sizes and differ slightly in their conveniences. All offer a convenient solution in terms of access, though, when they are booked or rented to be local to a holiday destination.

On holiday, you will likely want a smaller-sized storage unit that is just big enough to house your additional essential holiday items, but not need to accommodate quite as many things as when re-arranging your house, moving house completely, or staying somewhere for a longer period as a student. 

The features of storage units will mean that items can be kept there for longer periods under climate or temperature-controlled conditions. This helps preserve them. Often, they can preserve them better than in any house or heated outbuilding situation. 

There are storage units that have a drive-in option, so that a vehicle can be stored. This can be one that you use to travel around in, while on holiday. It feels comfortable and familiar to be driving your regular, or even second car, as opposed to a hired one.

The amount of access you have to the storage unit will also impact costs. Some can give you 24/7 access, to allow you to make spontaneous decisions about needing one of your possessions, whether it be day or night when you decide.

The addition of a self-storage unit to a holiday package can make for a more convenient and enjoyable holiday, or indeed serve well a lengthy business trip.

Vehicles and Caravans

If you hire a vehicle or caravan, then you will have more space for items than if you made your way to a destination by aircraft, rail, or taxi. You can have space for more items than the room where you are staying perhaps. Alternatively, you might sleep in your camper van. That is their purpose, after all. 

A camper van is a good way to go camping, rather than just having a tent that will have limited room for any possessions inside. Also, it is not very secure when you come to leave it for the day to seek adventure further afield. You will not want to take all of your possessions with you each time and cannot rely on fellow campers doing the same to keep a lookout for thieves.

Many camper van users will seek a self-storage unit to provide extra space for their items. It is the permanent accommodation solution for many and works because they have somewhere else to store the rest of their belongings.

Hotel Room

For more space to accommodate holiday items, you might consider a hotel room that is, perhaps, intended for a couple when there is just one of you. The double bed will be more comfortable and spacious, and the room will allow for the fact that there would have been two people. There is nothing to stop you from booking it, except the extra cost. If you feel uncomfortable about doing it, then there is always the storage unit option mentioned above.

The solutions here are a good way to make the most of space while you are on holiday. It will, of course, depend on how long you are holidaying for as to how much you take with you. It is not generally a good idea to take things of value on holiday, but a secure storage unit can make this possible. If you then have an evening event to attend, you might still be able to show off that expensive designer accessory just like at home.

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