Where to Get Fantasy Dresses: Tips and Ideas

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A few decades ago, loving Lord of the Rings would mean you were a geek. Today, it’s trendy to like fantasy shows. People attend thematic parties, organize photoshoots, get into cosplay, and even order custom wedding dresses in a specific fairy tale style. However, where does one get fantasy gowns? Check out this article to learn more!

Order Custom Dresses

The easiest option is to order custom fantasy dresses from a professional company. Typically, buying fantasy dresses online is not the best option because you don’t know what you will get. Check out video compilations of expectations and reality related to ordering dresses online.

Ordering a custom fantasy dress entails getting the best quality gown. However, it’s an expensive option. The best idea is to order a custom dress for a special occasion. For instance:

  • you want a wedding dress of a fairy-tale princess;
  • or you’re planning a fantasy-style photoshoot for your family. 

In other cases, it’s best to choose alternatives (see below). 

Adjust Existing Costumes

It’s an easy and affordable method for beginners who want to try wearing fantasy clothing or are trying to get into cosplay. You may even purchase low-cost clothing items online to transform them into something better. 

For instance, you can find a clothing item of the style you prefer for an affordable price. If it’s made of cheap materials, you can recreate the item with more expensive materials. Check out YouTube tutorials if you lack ideas and inspiration. Adjusting existing costumes isn’t as impressive as ordering custom clothes, but it’s affordable. 

Make Own Dresses

It’s the most challenging option and requires having skills and equipment. We live in the 21st century (unlike most characters we try to impersonate), so anyone can purchase a sewing machine. Luckily, we don’t have to sew costumes by using a needle!

However, purchasing a sewing machine, materials, and embroidery is not enough. You must understand the basics of sewing. Investing in sewing is probably the best option if you’re planning to get into cosplay. Most cosplayers sew their costumes since it’s more affordable. You can consider attending courses (online or in-person) or watching YouTube tutorials. 

Consider starting with the simplest options. Try transforming old clothes or sewing something simpler. Get experience before using brand-new materials and investing in a sewing machine. Check out thrift shops to find used clothes you can transform. Moreover, you may even find materials for significantly more affordable prices. 

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