How to Save Money With Mini Candles in Bulk

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Selling candles can be a great way to earn some extra income. It can also be a fun hobby you can enjoy with friends and family. Higher order quantities typically mean lower per-piece and per-ounce pricing on materials like containers, wax, and fragrances. Wholesale can also save you money on shipping!

Look for Coupons

Purchasing wholesale materials and supplies for your candle-making business is a smart way to maximize profits and save money. Many large brands offer a wholesale program allowing you to buy and receive discounts on products in bulk. Also, off-price stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s often sell mini candles in bulk at a discounted price.

When shopping for candles in bulk, look for those free of additives and chemicals. This will help you avoid toxic substances that can lead to allergies and other health issues. Also, ensure the candle is made from soy or another safe ingredient.

Candles are a versatile product that can fit into almost any retail space and appeal to many customers. They can be purchased for a low price, which makes them an ideal impulse buy for shoppers. To start a candle business, consider using multiple digital platforms to reach potential customers worldwide. These can include social media and your e-commerce website. For instance, Shopify offers beginner-friendly storefronts, SSL certifications, high-speed web servers, cart abandonment recovery, and more.

Make Your Candles

If you love candles but don’t like the high prices, try making your own! You can find cheap supplies and ingredients at a craft store. The best part is that you can make them in any scent and color! Plus, you can save money by buying a large wax bag and using it for multiple batches.

To start making your candles, you’ll need the following:

A double boiler and a cooking thermometer. Also, a spatula and some old pens or pencils.

If you don’t have a double boiler, a metal bowl on top of a pot filled with water will do the trick.

You’ll also need a container to pour the wax into, which can add a personal touch. Glass jars, metal tins, and ceramic containers are popular choices. You can purchase these in bulk at online stores. Make sure to label your candle with a name and the fragrance. Also, trim the wick so it is less than an inch tall. This will prevent the candle from burning too quickly.

Check Out Coupon Websites

Buying candles in bulk can save money for the consumer. This can be especially true for candles that are on sale. Many retailers offer deals that can save shoppers money on their purchases. 

When buying in bulk, you should also consider your candle’s container. Glass jars and metal tins are popular for candle containers. You can find these in local stores and online. 

Selling wholesale can be an excellent way to boost your business. This type of business model allows you to work with local shops and boutiques that can sell your product for a higher price point than they could at a chain store or large box retailer. You should carefully plan your pricing and distribution strategy before selling wholesale. This can include determining how to ship your candles to your retail partners and what countries you will be shipping to.

Look for Candles at Yard Sales

Candles are a great item to sell in bulk. They can be found in most stores, are impulse buys and can be a high-margin item for your business. However, finding a wholesale partner that offers the best quality products and can answer any questions is important.

It’s also a good idea to offer upsell and cross-sell items like a wax warmer to help your customers make the most of their purchases. This is a great way to increase your sales and keep your current customers returning for more!

Homemade candles are a great product to sell in bulk because they are easy to make. Most candles only require a few ingredients and can be sold at a reasonable price point. Plus, they’re an excellent item to sell at craft fairs and local markets. And if you’re new to making homemade candles, many resources are available to help you get started.

Look for Candles on Giant Retailers

Making candles can be expensive if you’re producing many at once. A smart way to cut down on costs is by buying in bulk. Many online retailers offer wholesale purchases for a low price. This will help you save money and grow your business.

Consider alternatives like reed diffusers if you don’t have enough space to make your candles. These are easy to make and only require base oil and fragrance. 

Selling your candles online is a great way to reach a global audience, and the right e-commerce platform can provide all the tools you need for success. Shopify offers beautiful storefronts, SSL certifications, high-speed web servers, cart abandonment recovery, and other beginner-friendly marketing and sales tools. Plus, they have a great selection of templates and plugins to help you customize your site and get started.

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