Recently Married? Four Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

If you’ve recently become a married couple, you find yourself in a special situation. Your housing needs won’t mirror those of many other households. Use these four tips to ease your transition:

#1. Start Fresh

Perhaps the most important tip for a newly married couple appears financially counterintuitive. Resolve from the outset to begin a new life together in fresh, novel surroundings.

Residing in one spouse’s residence won’t permit you to develop new daily shared routines. In fact, it might cause friction. By starting out together in a location you select together, you’ll build a sense of shared ownership.

#2 Take Time Choosing A Floor Plan

Plan ahead, and give yourself enough time to be able to search for the type of home that is going to best serve your needs. Take your time to research housing options with different floor plans, so that you will be able to find the perfect fit for you. By planning ahead and giving yourself time to really shop, you will be able to find the housing option that is a perfect fit for you both and avoid unnecessary stress.

#3. Share Housing Aspirations

Don’t hesitate to discuss your aspirations for your “dream home”. By letting one another know about real estate features you strongly prefer, and exchanging ideas, you’ll develop a better sense for one another’s ideal residence.

If (and when) you do decide to venture into the marketplace to search for a home together, you’ll possess an advantage: each of you will already intuitively appreciate the type of floor plan which appeals to your mate. You can act in unison to secure a great value.

#4. Consider Renting First

Until you both decide upon your ideal housing environment, you might find it helpful to rent a home. Taking this step allows you to save money so you can make a significant down payment if (and when) you do decide to buy a residence together.


Making a significant down payment holds distinct advantages. You’ll lower the regular monthly mortgage payments if you obtain home financing. A 30% or 40% down payment enables you to close a transaction and possess significant equity in your dream home from the outset.

Newlyweds enjoy discovering one another’s housing preferences. Following these tips enriches your experience. These suggestions can help enhance your available housing budget, too.  Follow the tips above to help avoid unnecessary stress when trying to find the perfect housing option after marriage.

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