Taking Care of You: Tips for Giving Yourself a Break

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Life is just too stressful sometimes. We’re constantly busy, and when we do have some downtime, our minds are full of what we’ve got to do the next day. We always seem to be on the go, whether it be at work, meeting up with friends, shopping, etc. It’s just go go go. All of this can eventually give you some serious stress and anxiety. The constant worrying thoughts that go through your mind are torturing. It then ends up taking over your whole body, leaving you tired, achy, and run down. Use the following tips to help give yourself a break.

Spend time at home

Home is the easiest place to start. It’s where we spend the end of our night and is one of the most relaxing places for us. You can shut out the outside world and have some you time. Start by having a nice hot bath, or shower, with relaxing lavender shower gel. Then once you’ve dried off, and your hair is no longer wet, put it up in a bun ready for one of your favorite face masks. Either a moisturizing or purifying one will do. Be sure to moisturize your body while the face mask is setting. Then if you have a partner, kindly bribe them to give you a relaxing foot or hand rub. Both of them are a known stress reliever and can aid a good night’s sleep. If there’s no partner around get yourself a foot mask and rub it in yourself. For the future consider getting something like a foot massager. Lastly, finish the night off with an early bedtime, without technology to make sure you fall asleep quicker.

Organize a spa day with the girls

They are so relaxing and it’ll be exactly what you need. It doesn’t have to be a high-end expensive one. A hotel spa like Sage Spa Ouray will be more than sufficient, as long as they have facilities such as a pool, jacuzzi, steam room, etc. Book yourself in for a nice massage and just enjoy some girly time. Be sure to go for lunch and dinner to really help you relax. There’s nowhere quite like a spa to help you forget literally all of your worries.

Have something to look forward to

Most of us go through the daily grind, with only two days to look forward to, Saturday and Sunday. They fly by, and then we’re back to the dreaded Monday. So make plans, whether it be weekend plans such as a meal out with friends or a partner. Or a future plan of a holiday. Nothing gets you through life like having something to look forward to. It makes everything you’re working for seem ok. If it’s a holiday you’re planning, look to book a relaxing sunny holiday. Hanging by the pool or the beach will rid you of any stress in no time.

Yes, life is the most stressful thing. But it’s about letting go when you have the chance, and really enjoying yourself that gives you a break from it all. If you have any tips on how to break away from reality, leave us a comment!

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