There is Always Room for Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

Long gone are the days when the bathroom was a mere utility room – over the years, it has become a spot that evokes tranquility, contemplation and the overall peace. These three pillars of well-deserved bathroom isolation aren’t possible without creating a proper Feng Shui atmosphere. Here’s what you can do in order to make this cozy room a tranquil place of contemplation.

Add plants

Placing plants in your bathroom may sound like a weird idea, but this is nothing but a ridiculous misconception. The fact that we evolved from nature means that we are still very much a part of it, and as such, we need to embrace it as much as we can. Simply-put: plants make people feel good. Placing lush plants in your bathroom will freshen the air up and provide that tranquility that everybody needs.
As for meeting the necessary conditions for bathroom plant life, fret not, as a lot of houseplants actually “prefer” the bathrooms’ tropical conditions that include warmth, humidity and low light.

Liven it up with mirrors

The fact that a mirror is functionally unavoidable inside a proper bathroom doesn’t mean that your job is done here. Yes, you’ll need to go with additional mirrors and you’re going to have to plan everything thoroughly, as proper placement is the entire point. Why? Well, given their unique feature of next-to-perfect reflection, mirrors make a room appear larger and reflect the sunlight, seamlessly livening up the area in question.

Pro tip: never place a mirror in front of your toilet, for obvious reasons.

Careful with the colors

White and cream bathrooms are pretty cliché, but this doesn’t mean that going with dark colors is a good idea. Bright shades truly are preferable, but try and think outside the box here: bright blue, bright green, aquamarine, turquoise – these are all fantastic choices for bringing out that Feng Shui feel in the room.

Keep it clean

A dirty bathroom is everything but Feng Shui. No matter how many plants, mirrors and fantastic color palettes you add to the equation, without cleaning it regularly and properly, a lot of problems will arise, some that even transcend the aesthetics (mold, for example). Maintain the hygiene, clean the windows on a regular basis and perhaps try going with scented candles, as these are great for evoking that clean feeling.

It’s all about water and light

Primarily, a bathroom is a place where water is the main element; it’s a room designed for body cleansing and relaxing one’s mind. Similarly, it’s a place that’s supposed to be as open as possible, so large freestanding bathtubs can go a long way in improving the room’s general Feng Shui, especially if you avoid the curtains; this will open the space up and allow more light inside.
Placing your tub next to the bathroom window is always preferable.

Light and lights

If you’re lucky enough to have a big window in your bathroom, placing a cozy bathtub next to it won’t be a problem. However, not everyone is this lucky. Also, if your bathroom is on the ground floor, placing the bathtub next to a window might not be such a great idea. Installing skylights is a perfect solution here, especially if it comes with integrated mirrors that allow more sunlight in.

As for the nighttime baths, going with the popular LED lights is recommended. They are, indeed, more expensive than the typical bulbs, but these have been proven to pay themselves off down the line.

These tips will provide you with more than just an aesthetically pleasing bathroom – they’ll allow you to take the matters into your own hands and create your personal Feng Shui sanctuary. Do not be afraid to add plants and extra mirrors to your bathroom, pick the colors carefully, let the sunshine in, but most importantly, keep it clean at all times!


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