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Guest post contributed by Claire Adams

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Do you think you don’t have the time to exercise and have fun because you have a family? Well, think about doing some activities together. Involving the whole family can be fun, and it can certainly help you form and strengthen the bond between you.

Most modern families can be described as busy. Parents have their jobs to do; kids have all those extracurricular activities. Basically, every member of the family is doing their own thing. However, finding the time for family interactions is important, and designating some time for quick and fun activities might be just what your family needs. So, forget about all those boring excuses and start working out with your family!

Cook together

Eating meals as a family has numerous benefits that also lead to healthier eating habits. But, why don’t you take that a step further? Don’t just cook for your family – cook with your family. Even young children can help in the kitchen. They can stir, pour, or, you know, simply lick the bowl after baking something sweet.

Just remember one simple thing – It’s not just about the outcome, it’s about the process as well. Have fun with your kids. Explain to them which ingredients you’re using, and tell them where they come from. Explain how vegetables get from the garden to the table. The kitchen will certainly be a lot messier than when you’re cooking by yourself, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay for having fun.

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Hey, you know how to dance, admit it, you’re just shy! The thing is, your kids won’t judge even if you don’t know, so crank up the music and start dancing with your little ones.

Move the furniture aside, let your kids pick the tunes and just relax and burn that energy. By the time you finish dancing, your kids will be so tired they’ll just want to sleep!


To you, as an adult, running might seem boring, but your kids love it. Like any parent, you probably don’t want your kids to be running around aimlessly around your house, so take them outside. Pick a notable landmark and run from your house to it and back. Run on and off the road to let your kids experience different terrains, but don’t forget to fight imaginary monsters with them along the way, and of course, to jump into a puddle here and there. After all, you’re trying to have fun, aren’t you?


Trampolines are fun; there’s simply no better way to describe them. Even adults love them. However, having a trampoline in your backyard is not as safe as you might think. Kids can easily fall on the ground and hurt themselves.

That’s exactly why trampoline parks and centers exist. Burn off some excess energy and have a great workout with your loved ones in a well-monitored and family-friendly environment instead of worrying that something might happen to them. Dedicate some time to a perfect and fun indoor jumping, especially during those rainy days when you don’t have anything else to. Jump and be Robin to your kid’s Batman. They’ll never forget that.

Turn everything into a game

You think your kids don’t want to clean their rooms? Guess again. Just tell them you’ll help them, and that you’ll measure the time. You can make it even more fun by trying to beat your previous record the next time you do it together. In time, your kiddo will start asking you when you’ll be cleaning the room again. You can try the same when you’re doing laundry or any other tedious chore.

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Take classes together

Kids shouldn’t be doing strengthening exercises in the gym, but visiting yoga classes can be beneficial for their overall health. Ask around and see if any local fitness clubs offer classes to parents and kids together. If they do, sign up. Burn those calories together with your little one and let them work on their flexibility at the same time.

Spending time with your kid and doing all kinds of exercises is not just about the fun; it’s about the connection and forming a bond that will last a lifetime. Now go and spend some time with your kids while they’re still young and willing to be in your company. They really do grow up faster than we think.

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