4 Ways To Add Flavor To Your Food Without The Extra Sugar

You can eat enjoy exquisite cuisine without sacrificing health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people should limit added sugars to no more than 10% of daily calories. To meet this limit, add these four ideas to your culinary arsenal now.

Fill Up On Fruit

So many people do not realize raw and cooked fruits can deliver an incredible amount of sweetness to the tongue. However, fruit is the ideal substitute for sugar in cooking. To add creaminess while reducing sugar, trade applesauce for butter in many desserts. Top cold and hot cereals with raisins, berries and bananas for a punch of sweetness. Ban store-bought drinks and invest in a juicer or smoothie blender, to combine greens and vegetables with oranges and pineapples as an alternative juicy beverage.


Spice Things Up!

In addition to such health benefits as boosting metabolism and providing aromatherapy at mealtimes, spices should be another go-to solution to slash extra sugar. Spices are a goldmine of natural flavor to simulate sweetness for the most discriminating palettes. Vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg can substitute for sugar in hot cereal, desserts and rice or couscous dishes. You will not crave dessert after you add ginger, star anise and orange peel to meat, stew and curry recipes.


Eat Your Vegetables…

Vegetables are the last thing you may think of to satisfy a sweet tooth. But many plant foods we know as vegetables add sugar healthfully. Sweet corn, sweet potatoes, sweet onions, sweet peas, cherry tomatoes and carrots subtly boost flavor in a sweet direction. These plants certainly serve this purpose when served on the side. However, you can get creative with them. Consider these foods for your soups, casseroles, chilis and salads.


Explore Natural Flavors

Sugar can hide in processed and packaged foods behind a variety of recognizable names such as corn syrup and honey, and not so obvious names as lactose and fructose. Even the most astute label readers will find it hard to choose what’s best for a low-sugar diet. Thankfully, you can turn to concentrated flavors from such natural food companies as Monin, for a sweet boost without all the calories and sugars. Use these liquid, powder and droplet products to achieve more flavor with a fraction of ingredients.


Stock up on these fruits, spices, vegetables and natural flavors to transform bland dishes to memorable delights. Chances are you will no longer even miss sugar. Even if you do, a little every now and again is no problem with these ideas as guides to daily eating.

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