Dear Mama – You. Are. Enough. #motivation

We have all been there.  We’ve all been right where you are.  Feelings of insecurities are compounded by feelings of inadequacy and the cherry on top is hopelessness.

Mama – Life. Is. Hard.

There’s sleepless nights – why didn’t anyone tell me that just because they’re not physically waking me up doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep thru the night?!?  I think I actually slept better when I was getting up every 2 hours for feedings or scary dreams.

It’s so easy to look at our friends and think they’re living on top of the world.  We judge our real world to their social media world – and we fall so short every single time.  We feed ourselves lies upon lies, “Her baby sleeps thru the night. She made ANOTHER amazing craft with her kids (Meanwhile did Junior have homework he was supposed to do – I just got him to bed – should I wake him…), Her house looks so neat and tidy in every picture she posts…”

We don’t measure up.

Somehow we equate our families success or our home decor or a million other novelties with our self worth.

Mama, you are more than a laundromat.

Mama, you are more than a chauffeur.

Mama, you are more than a short order cook.

Mama.  YOU.  ARE.  ENOUGH.

You, mama, are the one who dries tears over a scraped knee.

You, mama, are the one who stays up until wee hours to make sure the fever broke.

You, mama, are the one who explains algebra, which quite frankly baffles your mind too.

You, mama, are the who drops everything on your to do list because your teen just needs to talk.

You, mama, YOU… you are enough.

You are more than enough.

You are mom.

The one they pattern superheros after.

Mama, stop trying to be and do and prove that you are enough and just be you.

You. Are. Enough.

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