How to Make a Fashion Statement this Christmas

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Of course, anything that is sparkly green and red denotes the perfect Christmas look for many people. But that is just making a statement that you might be starring in an off-Broadway play, or you unwillingly got caught up in the Christmas Cheer.

For many, the little black dress is the ideal outfit in winters, especially when you can’t choose between that sequined top and the fringe sweater. However, how many Christmases will you spend having donned on the semi-formal when you actually needed a dress?

The pictures are starting to look boring, and soon there will be a time that you will be too tired to dress up for a party. What you need at this point in time is the perfect guide on how to rock a Christmas outfit that says so much about your personality and your style sense for the Holiday Season.

The Shoes

Sometimes the best-dressed person at any party is the one who doesn’t dress up too much. If your style sense dictates less but good, shoes have to be the star of your look. Footwear depends entirely on what you are wearing. If you are going with a dress, you can always look up for some cool ankle boots.

Shoes work to compliment a glamorous outfit as well. Tuxedo dresses are all the rage, and even though have a subtle cut, they need to have the limelight shone on them. So if you are wearing something that you want not to be overshadowed by any other piece that you are wearing, go for strappy heels.


Give your jewelry a festive update with gemstones this time around. You can always go for big and bold pieces because tis’ the season. Get your blue sapphires. Ruby and diamonds out for the perfect winter look. You want to look sophisticated yet festive.


Most people omit this. And they are the ones that underestimate the power of a good handbag. Christmas is the perfect time for metallic clutch bags to complete your look. However, you cannot just go for any type of purse. You must pick the one that flatters your frame. Strappy bags that are low hanging are great if you are tall. For someone with a cinched waist, you need to keep your handbag close to your hip. For a petite woman, a beautiful Jackie Kennedy style bag would do the trick.


A timeless accessorizing style might be difficult to pull off. Forget floral anything. You want to upgrade your fashion sense to a sleeker finishing, with bolder colors. If it’s a hat, it must be a darker shade and compliment the face, a scarf must be a deep shade that gives way to your dress or top instead of hiding them. When it comes to accessories, the kind of material you use matters as well. It will be the first thing that catches anyone’s eye, and therefore you can use the advantage of an alluring fabric.


This year coats are all the rage, and the best part is the range is endless. You will quickly find something festive for every body type and every style sense, and that is not even the best part. If you find yourself celebrating Christmas in a place where it’s not snowing, you will definitely find faux material that works for the climate you are in. Pastel coats help you make a statement, fur-lined jackets make the line vague between formal and casual which can always work for a Christmas gathering.


Baggy sweaters are all the range, for lounging around you want something in millennial pink. The best way to complete your fuzzy sweater look is with fur slides with matching colors. Another star for 2017’s Holiday fashion is cardigan coats. Who knew the outdated sweaters that you wear when you are staying in could rock your Christmas photos. Cardigans paired with high boots are not only elegant but super chic. They can be pulled off by anyone.


Don’t let your inner star dim this Christmas. Go all out with your makeup skills. A peachy nude look would complement well with the snug clothes you are wearing, but if you are going all festive, you have the option to glam up with glitter eyeshadows. If it is a casual gathering, the smoky eye look with a casual hair up-do can do wonders as well.

Most makeup brands have owned the holiday theme in their promotions, and you will find something exciting for a terrific deal. If you want to stock up on makeup, this is the perfect time to look up Christmas themed makeup sets that will last you a considerable time until next year.


Christmas dresses are your principal investment. Forget going like you did last year. This year you definitely want to experiment with colors and fabrics. For 2017, shimmery satin dresses are trending, you will find something in a dark shade which can make you look elegant.

The dress shirt is a classic and allows you to show off your legs, but most people don’t realize that it also gives you a chance to let your persona shine through. The dress shirt lets you put your accessorizing preferences on display too. If you can get a festive print, your Christmas look is complete.

The off shoulder dress may just be the most attractive option for a Christmas party. You get to boast those shoulder blades that give you that glamorous edge and room for jewelry and the dress makes you look snug and ready for celebrating.

And there you go, some of the essential fashion items that will make you the most impressive person in any gathering. Make sure that you look up deals online for some of the most exquisite pieces. You want something that doesn’t break the bank but doesn’t compromise on quality either. Retail outlets like Sophie and Trey can help you with many of the things in this guide with fantastic promotions too.




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