What Questions Should You Ask a Roofing Contractor

If you’re looking into replacing your old roof, you’re going to want to hire some contractors. Replacing a shingle or two is one thing, but the whole roof requires some professional work and high-quality equipment which only contractors can provide. However, before they get to work on your roof, you have to ask some crucial questions to ensure that the job is done optimally.

Will the old roof be removed?

Some contractors like to take the easy route when installing a new roof. If the old roof doesn’t show any signs of excessive damage or rot, they opt to simply install the new one right over it. However, this can pose a couple of issues.

A quick visual inspection won’t reveal any deep-seated issues within the roof. Soft and rotten spots could be hidden beneath the shingles and making the decision to cover them up will only delay the inevitable damage.

As a rule of thumb, the old roof should never be left on top of the house. Instead, there should be a thorough inspection of the base layers beneath it, so that the new roof can be installed without issues.

What precautions are taken in the event of bad weather?

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is in a rush to finish their jobs and projects. This is especially true when it comes to construction work. Deadlines need to be met and clients and contracting firms aren’t very forgiving. This puts a lot of pressure on contractors to rush things when it’s not necessary or practical.

Bad weather can put a halt on roof work rather quickly. However, this poses a legitimate problem when you’re making changes to the house’s primary defence against the elements. How will your belongings survive an onset of bad weather if the roof isn’t complete?

Contractors should have measures in place to secure your home in the event that work stops abruptly. Securing the work is crucial if they want to keep their client. They should minimize the amount of exposed roof at any time, so as to make it easier to cover when rainfall begins.

Will the property be clean and safe?

Construction work can get messy, even if it’s something as light as installing a roof. A lot of material such as plywood, old shingles, and nails can really cause a mess if they aren’t taken care of during the installation of the new roof. Make sure that the contractors bring their own container to dispose of excess material. There’s no reason you should have to deal with the fallout once the work is done.

Keep in mind that all of the work will be done on your own property and a lot of equipment needs to be brought in. Tricks and cranes are dangerous machines that can cause damage to the very ground beneath them if they aren’t handled properly. The contractors should take precautions to prevent damage to your driveway.

What kind of material would be optimal?

Since it is your roof, you have the final say in what material is used to cover it. However, there are a lot of options to choose from, and most people aren’t exactly knowledgeable in terms of roofs and the materials they’re made of. Lead is considered a good choice for its various properties and recyclability. In recent years, a lot of homeowners have foregone other materials in favour of slate. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but its many benefits outweigh the cost.

A lot of roofing experts like MLR Slate Roofing prefer the material precisely because it’s long lasting and visually appealing, which are some of the more important factors to consider when talking about roof quality. It’s also non-corrosive, which means you don’t have to worry about rust destroying it after countless heavy storms.

Will a written estimate be provided?

You shouldn’t make purchases without a receipt, and roofing work is no exception. When you get a rough estimate for the roof job, make sure that you get it in writing. Any contract work that is put in writing is a homeowner’s best friend.

All of the costs need to be accounted for. Everything from the cost of removing the old roof to the costs of installing each and every new shingle. This will allow you to avoid any sudden and unexpected costs that contractors might tack-on to your bill. Even if something comes up, you know that you’re covered.


Roofing work is pretty complex and your contractors need to be up to the task in order to give you the results that you deserve. Since you are paying for it, it’s only fair that you’re allowed to ask a couple of questions to make sure that everyone is up to speed.


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