Fashion Accessories – The Assets That Express the Woman You Are

Have you ever rejected an attire because it seemed too plain and simple for an occasion, only to find someone else truly rocking it at the same event?

That is the power of the right accessories. Accessories don’t only accentuate the entire look; they can actually help you showcase your personality through your clothes. We all remember good old days of Avril Lavigne when she paired her punky black boots with her fluffy pink skirts or when she accessorized her little black dress with a spiked leather belt. The accessories helped her add an edge to an otherwise simple outfit. She used accessories to add an element of punk no matter what she wore. And the eccentric combination spoke volumes about her personality.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that accessories allow you to express yourself and show who you really are. With the right accessories, you can upgrade your style statement without spending a fortune on a wardrobe upgrade.

That said, accessorizing is nothing short of an art. It should be noticeable but not overdone. It should have a purpose for it. You need to maintain a good balance as not to overshadow the actual outfit.

If you are new to accessorizing, here are some tips that can help you accessorize like a real fashionista.

Think In Terms of Layers

It always helps to think of your entire outfit in terms of layers. There is a base layer, i.e. the dress you are wearing. And then you can add layers such as a jacket, some jewelry, a scarf, or a belt. Now each layer should have some similarity and some difference. For instance, you can choose the same color but different texture for the jacket or vice versa. Anything that has the same color and same texture is most likely to make your look too monotonous.

However, there too many attributes you can play around with. For instance, you can try layering the same color, the same texture, but different scales or different prints. The point is to make every layer stand out. Two items that are exactly the same may not have the same impact.

Play Around with Colors

Monotony is what makes an outfit seem boring and dull. The best way to make an outfit stand out is to use a bit of color. You don’t need a lot of colors to accentuate your look. Something as simple as a bright colored bracelet can strike a difference.

If you aren’t a fan of bright colors, you can even go for something that isn’t as gaudy like blue leather jackets. It may not be as noticeable as a bright red or haute pink leather jacket, but it is definitely hard to ignore. Whether you pair it with a white jumpsuit or a regular blue jeans white tee combo, it is bound to turn some heads.

So, if you are confused about accessorizing, add at least one item of a color that isn’t included in the base outfit, yet complements it nonetheless.

Accessorize for the Occasion

For some reason, a plain white jumpsuit seems to be a perfect example of a base outfit when explaining the art of accessorizing, so we are going to stick to it for this tip as well. Imagine, it is the only outfit you have for a beach party and corporate dinner. Without an accessory, it doesn’t sound like an outfit for either event, but hear this out.

You can pair it with a colorful beaded necklace for the beach and then a pearl necklace or a Swarovski choker for dinner. For the beach, a pair of wedges or slippers are about perfect. Just switch them with beautiful stilettos for the evening event.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, you can accessorize your outfit with something as simple as crystal broche for the dinner and a pretty sunflower hair clip for the beach. This brings us to our next point.

Think Beyond Jewelry

Many women falsely believe that jewelry is the only thing that can be used for accessorizing. Not really. Simply put, anything you add to the base outfit is an accessory – and that really opens up your option. Something as simple as a scarf, a belt, or a headband can make a difference.

The scarf is one of our personal favorites because it serves a functional purpose as well. Whether you are accessorizing in summer with a lightweight satin scarf or a cashmere scarf in winter, you can use the same scarf and tie it in a different way with different outfits. For those who can’t wear jewelry for any reason, scarves work as makeshift jewelry.

Not to mention, you can use a scarf as a headband as well. However, headbands are back in fashion, and you can easily find them in beautiful designs.

Focus on Function

Many women skip accessories because they deem them unnecessary. They aren’t comfortable carrying too many layers or too much jewelry – and it is perfectly okay! For such ladies, it makes sense to focus on accessories that serve a purpose like sunglasses, watches, bags, clutches, and even footwear. Use them to turn an ordinary piece of clothing into a stylish outfit.

One hot tip applied by many celebs and style experts is to match your handbag or clutch with your footwear. Try to break the monotony of your dress with colorful bags and footwear. Go for stylish watches and sunglasses instead of the regular ones.

It is a good thing that you don’t want to stack a lot of items because, at the end of the day, it is all about being more comfortable in what you wear.


Accessories are an important part of any outfit. It allows you to take a bunch of store-bought items and pair them together to make them truly yours. With right accessorize paired with the right clothes, you can make your outfit reflects your personality and express the woman you are.

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