20 Ways to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy in 2020

20 Ways to get Healthy in 2020

New Year – Healthier You

It’s that time of year again… you know what I’m taking about. That time of year where we are guilting ourselves for how we’ve indulged our sweet carb loving tooth.  If you’re like me (and thousands of others) you’re looking for a way to get rid of the holiday induced belly bloat and brain fog and get healthy in 2020.  Being healthy, however, is more than just eating right and exercising. In order to be truly healthy we must look at three aspects to getting there: Mental, Spiritual, and Physical all go hand in hand.

Here are a few things I’m doing to find the healthy new me in the new year.


Drink water

Drinking water has so many benefits to cleanse our system! When you feel thirsty, instead of reaching for a soda, grab some water! Watch as your skin and energy rejuvenates from this simple step!

Proper shoes

Be sure you have good sturdy shoes for when you are walking or exercising. Improper footwear can do more damage than good! 


Even when eating healthy, it’s almost impossible to get everything we need from our food. In addition to cleaning up our diet, we should invest in natural organic supplements to boost the healthy foods you are eating.  My husband battles with his sugar, these supplements from Illuminate Labs are helping him get his levels back to normal after the busy holiday season and get healthy in 2020!

Natural supplements

One of my personal must haves is Collagen. It rejuvenates my very sensitive skin, gives me energy, and is helping calm my gut issues. If you haven’t added collagen to your daily regimen, I suggest going here and getting some now! You can thank me later. 



I don’t have an hour every day to walk. I do, however, have 15 minutes to spare. It’s amazing what a 15 minute power walk will do for you mentally and physically.


Water is a fantastic source of exercise. Join your local YMCA and you can enjoy the pool year-round. This is another great family activity to get healthy in 2020!


If you just HAVE to have some sugar, get it naturally from fruits. Fruits can give you that extra boost you need on withdrawal days. Vegetables offer many healing properties. Mix up how you eat them – raw and cooked. Some nutrients can only be absorbed when cooked, others when eaten raw. I love getting my daily quota of fruits and veggies in smoothie form. These smoothie packs from Everipe are super yummy!

Healthy Smoothies

Hydration pack

If you plan to include long runs or hiking in your regimen, invest in a good hydration pack. It will save time and frustration. Proper hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle.


Whether you diffuse them, rub them, or ingest them – you can’t go wrong. Essential oils and CBD oil like this one from Roma Leaf offer great benefits when added to a healthy lifestyle. One important thing to consider when buying a CBD product is its purity. A pure CBD product will be worth the investment. If you want the benefits of CBD without the added THC psychoactive effect, you’ll love Roma Leaf. 


Jump rope

Another fun activity the entire family can enjoy together! Buy some jump ropes and have a friendly competition! Fun and fitness!


Read fitness books

Include a few minutes of learning how to be healthy in your morning meditation by reading a bit about healthy living. Get in the mindset before the cravings hit.


The body can’t heal if the soul is in turmoil. Take time every day to pray and meditate. A few minutes every morning will get your day started on the right foot.  I love to listen to calming music while I have Bible and meditation time! This headband is so comfy and helps me calm so I can concentrate on what I’m reading.



Invest in a pretty set of scales. But don’t use them daily! Choose a day of the week and weigh once a week. Weight fluctuates daily. Don’t discourage yourself by watching every ounce every day.

Fitness tracker

In this tech driven world there are a multitude of ways to track your fitness the “smart way”. Be it a phone, watch, or paper and pen, find what works for you and do it!

Get rest

Letting our bodies detox and heal is such an important part of our health cycle. Rest gives our bodies a chance to get rid of toxins and replenish! I love listening to music to wind down as I fall asleep. My dear hubby, however, needs complete silence to drift off. These SleepPhones have been a lifesaver! I can have my peaceful music to fall asleep to and the hubs gets his silence. These are SUPER comfy too!

If you have a hard time falling asleep, like many of us, find a natural supplement that promotes healthy sleep patterns. Sleep on It from Naturelle Co. is helping my “wired” hubby unwind and fall asleep a little easier. Life is hard. Life is busy. Sometimes the brain doesn’t shut off just because the body is ready to rest. Sleep on It helps our brain calm and sleep to come – and it’s natural!

Natural sleep aid


Music speaks to the soul. Find some relaxing music to play during your meditation time. Then pump it up with some upbeat music to encourage you to push thru the pain during your workouts.  I have been using these super comfy SleepPhones for my morning routine: coffee, Bible Study, and prayer. Having relaxing music playing gets our entire mind ready to face the day!

Play with kids

Go to the park and swing and jump and run.  Enjoy your kids. This activity alone will help mentally, physically, and spiritually! Take time and “be present”.

Self Care Routine 

Take time for you. I know it’s hard for us moms to even shower every day but carve out 20 minutes a day for your time. Wash your face with your favorite facial products, jump in for a quick shower, and pay attention to how much better you feel when you practice self-care on a regular basis! 

Natural Beauty Products



Take time to be outside with no distractions. Soak in the elements only found in nature. Give the mind a chance to recharge without the glaring screen.

Accountability partner

Choose someone who loves you but will be persistent. Start a health journey together however, it’s not necessarily about losing weight. It’s about becoming healthy! Choose someone who will challenge you in your daily devotional and meditation time – that is, after all, the most important part of the day.

Give yourself grace

There are going to be days we fail. For instance: Days the sugar wins. Mornings when the bed’s appeal beats out the morning run. However, when these days hit, enjoy them. Above all, don’t add stress to your cheat day. Take time for you. Enjoy what you are doing or eating and move on!

What are you doing to be healthy in 2020? I’d love to hear your regimen!

If you’re looking for some great products to add to your routine, check these out:

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Illuminate Labs

Dermatologist’s Choice

Naturelle Company



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  1. My 2020 goals are definitely along the lines of holistic growth, so I’ve made lots of notes of the things I’ll be trying to do! Thanks for sharing your insight xx

  2. I’ve been really focusing on stay hydrated lately…I think its one of the most important things you can do in getting in shape and staying healthy. A few years back I was so dehydrated I had to go the doctor I was so ill…drinking water is very important.

  3. I do ALOT of walking but I could do better with drinking more water. My goal is to trim down in time for September. I’m tired of being out of shape. I don’t have to lose in 2020. I’m winning. Thank you for this, I needed to see the possibilities. No excuses!

  4. These are some great tips, this year I have added extra supplements to boost my immune system and I am also thinking of including a CBD Oil product into my regime as well.

  5. I usually drink plenty of water but I’ve been really slack with it recently. Which probably explains why I’ve been feeling dreadful! Thanks for the reminder that I need to take better care of myself 🙂

    Louise x

  6. A glass of warm water in the morning after waking up helps jump start my day. I will also try to get more sleep and mind what I eat. This year I am going to get my health and well being back.

  7. Great adivice, I do need to sleep more and keep eating more fruits and vegetables, I might also need to remember to take my vitamins

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