Glam Makeup Ideas For An Awesome Night Out


Getting ready for a night out is as much fun as the night out itself. At least for girls. When preparing for a night out, girls need to think about many things such as their outfits, matching shoes and a bag, the right jewelry, the perfect coat, and of course glamorous makeup. Consider these glam nights out makeup ideas for an awesome night out. 

Glittery eyes

Almost all of the going-out makeup ideas suggest adding some glitter to your look for a glam effect. There are so many ways to use glitter as part of your makeup and you can combine glitter with any makeup look. For instance, you can throw a party on your lids by using confetti-like glitter. Or, if you’re one of those more daring girls, you can use glitter on your brows to achieve the effect of a shimmering brow. You can do it quite simply, just comb in some glitter into your brows. For a simpler and yet effective look, you can also use a star and glue it to your inner eye corner. Of course, if you want to put emphasis on your makeup and not your outfit, you can go totally overboard with glitter and make your lids glittery as well as your lips. Just dab some glitter into your lipstick, it’s that simple. 

Ombre lips

You can make your lips ombre with any color you wish. The only rule is that you need two shades of the same or similar color; one has to be lighter and the other one has to be a bit darker. There are two ways you can achieve this look: you can start with the darker one or you can start with a lighter shade. Let’s say you start with a darker shade. First, you’ll outline your lips with a darker shade slightly towards the middle of your lips. After that, you’ll take the lighter shade and fill in the middle of your lips. Afterward, you need to blend the colors softly. If necessary, you can make corrections with both colors until you reach the desired effect. You can also do it vice versa, starting from the lighter shade. 

Classic dark smokey eyes

Dark smokey eyes have always meant glamour, especially when combined with nude lipstick, the ear tuck hairstyle and a pair of large shiny earrings. It makes your whole look attractive and impressive, if well combined with your outfit. Smokey eyes usually combine deep brown with matte black and nude lipstick with some soft highlights on the face. Others combine grey and black for eyes and soft pink color for the lips. Another trend uses soft pink in combination with black for the eyes and a matching pink for the lips. You should be careful with the makeup you use for this look. Glam smokey eyes require you to use only high-quality and best eye makeup products for the wow effect. 

Bright shades of eyeshadow

Many of us tend to stay within the realm of neutral colors when it comes to doing our eye makeup. This is understandable. It can be daunting to step outside of the box and try something a bit brighter or bolder. But there are so many beautiful shades out there that you automatically miss out on when you simply stick to neutral tones. Just take a look at the wide variety of eyeshadow colors out there! Stock up on a few. You can match them to your outfit. You can contrast them with your outfit. You can do whatever you please! You can give yourself more confidence by trying out different shades in advance of getting ready for a night out. Then you know what works for you and what doesn’t without having to restart your makeup before your big night!

Playful eyeliner

Everybody uses eyeliner as a part of their makeup routine. However, many girls use it in a classic way. New makeup trends bring new, bold uses of eyeliner for the bravest. Cat-eye has always been very popular. Now that trends have been upgraded to double cat eye, where eyeliner is used in a traditional way, along your lash line but there is an addition of the eyeliner along your lower lash line. The lines don’t intersect in the outer corner of your eye. You can even upgrade this cat-eye look with some glitter for the ultimate look. And instead of using eyeshadows, you can use just the eyeliner by making it super thick and long. Red-eye makeup has just started to gain popularity, which is seen in the trend of wearing red eyeliner in combination with red lips.  

Irresistible red lips

The hottest trend that has been around the longest is definitely a red lip. There’s something irresistible about a woman wearing red lipstick. You can wear it in matte, glossy, metallic, pearly, just to name a few. You can combine it with bold and dashing smokey eyes, glittery eyeshadows, natural effect makeup, and so on. You can choose the classic red color, the bright red color, crimson, velvet, deep cherry, burgundy, and so many other shades. It’s a color that simply never goes out of style. 

Peachy tones

Another trend that is going to add some glam to your looks is peachy tones. One of the prettiest shades is definitely frosty pink with some glitter. Choose darker peachy pink for your eye makeup and a softer one for your lips. Complete your look with strong brows and black eyeliner. Peachy pink blush lightens up your face when used in combination with some other lips and eye makeup. Coral and apricot shades are trending as well, and they look pretty amazing for a night out! 


When planning a night out, consider what clothes and shoes you’re going to wear, what bag you’re going to take, what jewelry goes with the whole outfit, and only then when you have everything figured out, consider the type of makeup that would finalize your look. And then, take brushes into your hands and start playing!

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