Visiting India with Kids: Where to Go and What to Do

Regardless of age, going on a trip to India will surely be a feast for the senses. However, you might have received some raised eyebrows when you told friends you want to bring your kids along! It is not at all impossible and the experience might even enrich your children’s personality if the vacation is done right. India can be a challenging place to visit and traveling with the little ones requires extra effort on your end. Planning ahead is imperative as it is your duty to keep your kids entertained and absorbed for both your sake and theirs!

Here are some great ideas for your itinerary if you ever go on such a trip:

See Animals in the Wildlife Reserves

It is no secret that India boasts of a rich and diverse wildlife. The subcontinent’s extensive terrain includes huge mountain ranges and marshy fields, making it perfect for wildlife conservation sanctuaries and parks. Your young ones will get a kick out of spotting a tiger in the wild! While these majestic creatures will impress them, make sure to back up these sights with the relevant information they will need about these animals.

Kayak in Kerala

You should definitely make sure to add Kerala to your holiday itinerary. Raising kids can be a tough task so a little downtime is necessary sometimes. You can achieve this by taking a kayak through the backwaters of Kerala. It is definitely a peaceful way to spend some quality time together. Moreover, it is also a great way to observe the unusual mode of transportation as well as the lifestyles of the locals. A great guide will help enhance the experience, and they know the canals very well so will be able to plan an excellent route for you.

Fly a Kite in Jaipur

Every January, the Uttarayan or International Kite Festival is held in various places in India. Though each region hosts their own iteration of it, why don’t you go straight to the original version? In Gujarat, you will find the skies filled with kites from daybreak to nightfall. Your kids will likely enjoy flying their own and observing the different designs. And I bet you will, too!

Go to the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is probably one of the most recognizable structures mankind has to offer. While your kids might not necessarily enjoy learning about its history, they will definitely feel amazed at seeing such a famous site in person. It will give them some bragging rights, that much is certain! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and maybe even drop by the Mughal Fort and Fatehpur Sikri if time permits.

Explore Darjeeling

It is easy to see why Darjeeling is one of India’s most famous destinations. The pleasant town offers visitors a surreal natural atmosphere, holy monasteries, and an array of mountain activities. The toy train further adds to the charms of this hill station and your kids will likely enjoy the ride. Take the whole family to the tea gardens and explain the fascinating history of the land. The town also comes equipped with a mountain zoo if your children get bored!


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