Exotic and Stylish Travel Destinations for Healthy Lifestyle

Today, it’s all about active holidays. This means that even exotic and stylish travel destinations offer hikes in nature, yoga courses and other activities that will keep you in shape. No matter if you choose a city or a remote island, you will always find a way to continue your healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, if you want to be stylish and stay fit, here are the perfect travel destinations that will give you all, and more.

San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio in Belize is the perfect spot for luxurious travel as this is the cultural and economic center of Belize and the second largest city after Belize City. Besides resorts with private beaches and all-inclusive packages, you can also enjoy amazing nature. Besides many archeological sites and Mayan ruins to visit, tourists can visit Belize Botanic Gardens and do some snorkeling, among other things.

Actun Tunichil Muknal or Cave of the Stone Sepulchre is the most famous cave near San Ignacio. It requires hiking through a rainforest, crossing three rivers, swimming and climbing in order to explore this cave. In the end, you will reach Crystal Maiden, a well-preserved skeleton of a young woman which is thousands of years old.

Although it will take you only 15 minutes of a hike to reach Big Rock Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, this is a demanding trail. It’s steep and going down, as well as slippery when you reach the water and granite rocks. However, swimming or cliff jumping in the emerald pools is worth the trouble.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

Taha’a is an island in the Pacific Ocean famous for the production of vanilla and pearls, so you will have a fun time visiting local farms. While this is a perfect place to relax and rest, you can still have some other more active fun.

Go on the exploration of the lush jungles of Raiatea by kayaking the Faaroa River or witness the magnificent marine life on one of many dive sites. Taha’a, like other French Polynesia islands, is famous for its turquoise waters and coral reefs perfect for explorations and full of colorful fish.

Mt. Temehani is close by in the center of Taha’s sister island Raiatea and you can hike up to the top and enjoy the magnificent view on Bora Bora. Make sure to go on one of the safaris in Taha’a which include visits to local villages to hear more about vanilla and pearl production, and walk through nature to meet its unique flora.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a volcanic island rich with mountains, beaches, and coral reefs, but also home to many Hindu temples.  Staying in luxurious accommodations of Bali Villa Escapes can also include private yoga lessons by the pool, while for cardio you can go on a hike or surf. Waves at Canggu and Sanur beaches are perfect for the later witch gorgeous sunset to observe from the water.

White Water Rafting is an exhilarating experience on the longest river in Bali. You can participate even if you never went on the rafting before since you will have a training session held by the professionals. However, it will take you some strength and stamina since you will have to overcome vortexes, sudden drops and natural ramps with 33 rapids.  

Cycling is an activity that will make it easier for you to explore the Balinese countryside. You will be able to go through volcanic terrains, visit ancient temples and plantations and thus truly experience Balinese rural environment. The cycling trails vary from ones that will be great for leisure pace to those that will require more of an effort to ride.    

Sydney, Australia

Sydney will give you an exotic and stylish experience that you need from the travel destination, while at the same time offering you an opportunity to preserve a healthy lifestyle. The city is the fusion of cultures, so you will certainly find a lot of healthy cuisine in the local restaurants. Royal Botanic Garden is perfect for a brisk walk, while the parks offer Tai Chi and yoga in the open.

For those looking for something more fast-paced, the Blue Mountains are perfect for hiking and climbing. Numerous beaches, like Bondi, offer a wide variety of water sports including surfing and you can even get some lessons if you never surfed before. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a perfect activity if you are traveling with kids, as well as paddleboarding through the Basin Estuary.


No matter how exotic and stylish your travel destination is, you will still be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Look for the activities that suit you in order to avoid exhaustion and always find time to relax since eliminating stress is healthy as well.


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