Winter Sun Destinations: 5 Top Trips

Contributed by Katey Carter

Who said sunbathing is only a summer activity? The re-opening of the borders has made it possible to take vacations in December or January and enjoy the sea and sun. Simply buy a plane ticket, pay for a visa, and spend some wonderful days in the palm and liana, listening to the sound of the surf and enjoying exotic fruits. Read the article below and choose a rest where the summer blossoms in the middle of winter.


Egypt attracts those who enjoy relaxing on the beach with family or friends and more active travelers such as divers and surfers. Also, people interested in history, archeology, and culture can take a 10-day Egypt tour to visit ancient pyramids and temples. Egypt is home to the legendary Mount Sinai, on which the Lord walked, where, for many years, Moses led the Jewish people in the hot desert sun. In January, the weather in Egypt is quite pleasant but does get chilly. The temperature at night can drop to eight degrees. During this season, prices are lower but surprisingly, with fewer tourists than in the ‘high season.’ For those who like underwater sports, such as Scuba Diving, Egypt is perfect because of the large number of corals, colored fish, and other marine life available. If you’ve never been diving, Egypt is a great place to get certified. Experienced instructors will train you properly and provide the necessary equipment.      


When referring to Thailand, three things come to mind right away: Thai boxing, Thai cuisine, and Thai massage. Mysterious Thailand attracts travelers from all over the world. The peculiarity and charm of ancient temples, the stunning beauty of nature, exotic culture, and invariably high-quality service will satisfy any, most demanding taste. Here you can find activities for everyone. Those who want solitude can find it on the islands. Straw buildings, turquoise sea, and you even will not mention that the time here has been frozen and has not been in a hurry for many years. It’s not necessary to buy a tour of Thailand. It is possible to move around the country, stopping where you like because everywhere you can find an inexpensive, friendly hotel.

The United Arab Emirates

This is the neighborhood of ultra-modern skyscrapers and eastern culture, oil troughs and huge markets with goods from around the world, chic restaurants with hookahs, and small souvenir shops. The Emirates impresses with the contrasting interweaving of antiquity and modernity. Life is struck around the clock 24 hours a day. In the afternoon you will be offered a huge amount of excursions for every taste. For example, visiting camel races or a rifle club, a traditional survey of historical monuments or a race on desert jeeps, surfing in dunes. At night, you can choose a restaurant, bar, or disco, many of which stay open until the morning.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka deserves the name of Paradise with full rights. Indeed, even the very name of the country is translated as ‘blessed land’. At any time, the island gives you a sense of an eternal summer holiday. Huge tea plantations, Buddhist shrines, natural preserves, royal palaces, lush tropical vegetation, elephants, and the ultramarine colors of the sea are the visiting card of Sri Lanka. Here you can visit the cave temples, the ancient cities, abandoned by people more than a millennium ago, national parks that have preserved the unique animal world of the island, walk along the jungle, or ride along the river on the raft. Surfing, windsurfing, cruising, diving, and fishing are available on the coast. Sri Lanka also preserved ancient techniques of Ayurveda and aromatherapy, massage, and acupuncture. By giving up traditional Lancian medicine, you can relieve tiredness and stress, cleanse the body and feel calmer and cheerful.


In the winter it is worth going to the southern part of India. This country completely justifies the name of the ‘country of contrasts.’ The landscapes, people, religion, and kitchen vary greatly from state to state, and in general, you will not find two identical cities here. If you want to just lie down in the sun, swim in the Arabian Sea, and dance at festivals arranged for any occasion, it’s worth going to Goa. This is the smallest Indian state in the southwest of the country. Here you will find a lot of coffee shops and restaurants, small cheap guest houses, and a large number of bars. However, if you want to feel the true Indian color, it is better to go to neighboring states Kerala, Maharashtra, or Karnataka. Here the customs are more severe, especially with regard to women, but you will be able to immerse yourself in the Indian way of life, look at Hindu temples and rest from compatriots. Never mind, the sea is the same everywhere.

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