The Old Office Building: 5 Security Upgrades that are Needed in 2019

In today’s day and age, security is becoming even more important for businesses. This is especially true for older office buildings. They have a number of security risks that need to be handled or you could be the victim of a break-in. If this happens, you could lose valuable merchandise, money, financial data, or customer information. So make sure to do these five upgrades on your property.

Door Camera

A door camera is something that no office or building should be without today. They are relatively cheap and can let you see exactly who is at the door. Sometimes, thieves will pose as delivery drivers or someone else in an attempt to gain access to your building. With a doorbell camera, you can catch them right in the act and deny entry.

Door Alarms

You can’t be at your business every moment of every day. Therefore, at some point you need to rely on security measures that can be there when you can’t. Proper window and door alarms will detect the opening of doors and even detect movement within your building when nobody should be there. That way, they can automatically call in the right authorities to deal with the situation before it gets out of control.

App to Manage Everything

One phone app can save you a load of time. Instead of looking into five different sites every time you want to check up on your building security, you can just check your phone briefly. It saves time and lets you protect your company more.

Security Guard

A physical person on duty makes a big difference. They can patrol the area, catching things that technology misses. Make sure to run an extensive background check on them to ensure they don’t have ulterior motives.

Stronger Doors

Improving your doors with commercial door repair should be on the top of your list. If you have weak doors, they can be easily kicked in. This is especially true if they are already damaged in some way. So be sure to have professionals inspect and make necessary repairs to any openings.

When it comes to security, it is something on every business owner’s mind. However, the upgrades you need for an older building in 2019 and beyond are going to increase. The more sophisticated the tools that hackers and thieves use, the more comprehensive your plan needs to be. So use the tips above and ensure that your business is protected now and into the future.

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