How to Create a Fresh Home

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take place between March and May – in fact, one of the best times to have a good old clear out and freshen up is the fall. It’s a time of year when the nights are drawing in, and the weather is turning colder, and naturally, you’ll be spending more time indoors. After a long, hot summer it can be somewhat depressing to face the fact that winter is on its way, but rather than feeling gloomy why not turn your attention to giving your home a bit of a facelift? A thorough clean and tidy will set you up for the winter ahead, and give you a real sense of satisfaction.


Unless you are a neat freak, you’ll have been taking advantage of the opportunity to be outdoors as much as possible through the summer. After all, who wants to be polishing shelves or cleaning out cupboards when it’s a lovely sunny day outside? There’s a good chance that with the accumulation of summer dust and the effect of having your kids home from school, your home will be looking a little tired and in need of sprucing up. Having a thorough deep clean now will give your home a freshen up and can be a surprisingly effective way of making yourself feel better. If the prospect of doing a deep clean makes your heart sink, then you could get the professionals in to do the carpets or redecorate for you. There are specialist companies like that can relieve you of the burden of most cleaning chores, so if you like the idea of having perfectly cleaned rooms without the effort of doing it yourself, it’s well worth considering drafting in some professional help.


If the décor in your house is looking a bit tired, then a fresh coat of paint can transform a room. You wouldn’t necessarily have to do the ceiling and skirting boards if they’re in good condition, and painting the walls is a more straightforward task to tackle yourself. There are two ways to approach a home decorating project. You can use a similar color to the existing one to brighten up the room and not have to worry about clashes with your existing furnishings. Or you could go for a complete change of style and replace anything that doesn’t fit with the new design. Your budget will take this decision out of your hands to a degree, as it will be a lot more expensive to give a room a full makeover rather than a fresh coat of paint. It’s a good time to redecorate either way, after a thorough deep clean and before the coming winter.

It’s always sad when summer is behind you, but there are beautiful, bright fall days to look forward to, and cozy nights in having a box set binge or movie night with the kids. The time you’ll be spending indoors over the coming months will be more enjoyable if your home is looking clean and smart, so get your duster and polish out and make a start now!

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