Top U.S. Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, more and more women are becoming business owners. Even though business is tough and competitive, women entrepreneurs have proven that anything is possible. But, does the success of a woman’s business depend on the city she lives in? With that question in mind, we did some research to determine the top U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs in statistics

In recent years, the number of female-owned businesses in the United States has been rising. With over 12 million companies, around 40 percent of the total, we can say that businesswomen have come a long way. For example, the number of women-owned businesses has grown by more than 100 percent in the last two decades. The numbers are increasing twice as fast compared to the overall business growth. Based on this information, we can assume that a woman has quite good odds of starting a company and succeeding. Of course, one of the factors that can influence her success may be the city in which she chooses to start her career

Seattle, Washington

It is only normal that the home of the world’s biggest tech companies would be the first on our list. However, not only do the large corporations thrive in Seattle but, so do smaller businesses, which have bigger chances of success here. It’s no wonder when you take a look at Seattle’s infrastructure and excellent services. After all, these are some of the things women should consider before starting a business

To elaborate further, recent studies have shown that women own 43.8 percent of Seattle’s businesses. So, if you are planning to start a business there, you have all the chances for success. The fields of work vary from science and technical services to fashion and HoReCa. There are several women’s business associations in Seattle. So, it won’t be a problem to get proper guidance if you want to start a business there.

Miami, Florida

Women in Miami are determined to prove that running a successful business is not as difficult as it seems. Owning 40 percent of the companies in the city is the perfect proof. Furthermore, there is a significant advantage of being a business owner in Miami. There is no state income tax. The laidback lifestyle makes it even more appealing for those who want to become entrepreneurs and still have fun.

As in all the other cities where female-owned businesses have started to flourish, you can find women in charge in almost any industry in Miami. For instance, in science and technology as well as in handcrafted jewelry boutiques and artisanal bakeries. Women who wish to start a business in Miami have a good chance of having a bright future.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is third in the top U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs. For things to be even more interesting, female business owners here are earning more than men. And not just by a slight difference but by more than 100%. This information should help you decide if you are wondering whether or not to open a business in Orlando. Moreover, the costs of living in this city are relatively low. That makes it an excellent choice for those looking to invest more in their business.

Paradise, Nevada

This city can be a true paradise for women entrepreneurs. Even though the percentage of firms owned by women is smaller, about 34 percent, they earn more than men. As a matter of fact, they rule some important fields of work, such as social care, health, and education. In light of these facts, becoming a woman entrepreneur in Paradise sounds like a great idea. In addition, the low living costs together with affordable real estate prices will simplify the process of your interstate move to Nevada. You simply need to pack your briefcase and laptop and relocate to one of the top U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs.

Los Angeles, California

Women can be found in leading positions in the media and movie industries of Los Angeles. Mary Pickford, for instance, was not only a prosperous woman, but she was also one of the most influential people in the country. And she is only one example of the many successful women in Los Angeles. However, the City of Angels does not only offer opportunities to musicians and actresses. Nearly any field of work is just as hospitable to women who want to become entrepreneurs. The high percentage of female-owned firms in Los Angeles, more than 44 percent, places it very high on our list.

New York City, New York

The Big Apple is home to numerous rising small businesses as well as profitable corporations. Even more interesting is the fact that women are the leaders of one-third of them. Therefore, opening a firm in the most popular city in the world is a smart business choice. It’s almost impossible to fail, no matter what industry you are in. The most thriving are construction, entertainment, health care, technology, and real estate.

Durham, North Carolina

This city has one of the highest percentages of self-employed businesswomen. Not to mention that there has been significant growth in the number of jobs. Although there are fewer women-owned businesses in Durham, this city shows excellent potential for women entrepreneurs. We are sure that there will be significant growth in the years to come. The low living costs also bring their contribution to making Durham a good choice for starting a business

Final words

Becoming a woman entrepreneur might not be as challenging as it was a few years ago. There is a lot of information and support that you can get from businesswomen’s associations all over the country. You just need to have a good plan in mind and face your fears. How else can you know if you can become a great entrepreneur? Take a look at our list of the top U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs and begin planning your bright future

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