5 Tools for At-Home Massage Therapy

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Whether you’re experienced in giving massages, have your license in massage therapy or you’re a beginner masseuse, there are many different skills, techniques, and tools that you’ll need to conduct the most relaxing and successful massages. It doesn’t matter if you’re performing massages at home or in a professional clinic, without having the right expertise, knowledge, and tools, you won’t be able to keep a consistent clientele. So what types of tools do you need?

Here is a list and description of five tools for at-home massage therapy. Even if you have a clinic to offer massage therapy at, you never know when you’re going to need to conduct massages at home. These tools are great for delivering professional massages as well as massages to your friends and family. Be sure to review them and choose the ones you think you’ll need the most.

1. Tuning Fork

Tuning forks are instruments that can be used for a variety of different jobs and in a range of careers. But they’re specifically beneficial in massage therapy because they can help you to access pressure points that are deep within the body. Tuning forks are often used in the music industry, as the fork can vibrate to sounds. But their ability to trace sound throughout the body and using vibration makes the instrument capable of more easily tracking hard-to-reach places.

Place the tuning fork on certain pressure points throughout the body and cause the tool to vibrate. This tool can use the motion of vibration to help relieve muscle and joint pain deep within the body’s tissues.

2. BioFreeze

BioFreeze is a type of topical ailment that can be applied anywhere on the body during a massage. The substance is responsible for diminishing the amount of blood flow to a certain region of your body, essentially decreasing the level of inflammation that a certain area experiences. This substance is particularly beneficial for massage therapy because therapists can apply the gel to any area on the body to then limit blood flow and conduct massage treatments within deeper tissues.

3. Roller Sticks

Commonly used by athletes, roller sticks are meant to help deliver relief from muscle soreness and pain. By rolling the stick along with the muscle that’s in pain, you can stimulate blood flow to that particular region of the body and thus decrease pain. By increasing the blood flow, you’re essentially bringing your body’s attention to the pain in that area. Your body then allows more blood to flow to that particular region while carrying nutrients and minerals to release any tension present.

Massage therapists can use roller sticks to massage muscles around the entire body, even though they may have difficulty reaching muscles deep within. Roller sticks come in a range of shapes and sizes, but most are foam and have handles for easy usability.

4. Portable Spa

Another great option when it comes to at-home massage therapy is a portable spa. Ther are a handfuof high-quality portable spas available such as this portico spa. This kind of spa features a seat for hydrotherapy, can accommodate several people, and are extremely easy to set up and start using. In addition, these spas are made of high-quality material and look great in any setting.

5. Table Warmers

Lastly, having a high-quality massage table for your at-home therapies is vital to ensuring the success of your client’s relaxation. You’ll need a massage table that caters specifically to relaxing and massage techniques, and you’ll want to make sure that it’s portable if you’re plantain on traveling with it. Even more, you should consider purchasing a table warmer for your massage table.

Available in a range of styles and designs, massage table warmers use heat to help further heighten your client’s relaxation and comfort. Furthermore, applying heat to their body can help to loosen their muscles and tissues more easily, allowing you to effectively stimulate their cells.



Overall, having the right kind of tools, knowledge, and skills for massage therapy is vital to ensuring your success in the business. Whether you’re at home or conducting massages in other people’s homes, these tools are vital to making sure you deliver a high-quality relaxing massage service.

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