Top Causes of Memory Loss

When memory loss begins to happen, it can be a scary time. There are many causes of memory loss. It may be helpful to you to understand the different reasons so you can be aware of what might cause your memory loss. There is good news, and that is you may be able to improve your memory if you are beginning to lose it. You can take some of the best supplements for memory loss to help improve your memory. 

One of the biggest causes of memory loss is the aging process. It may not prevent you from going through your typical day. It may prevent you from forgetting things in the moment, such as the name of something, but you usually remember it later in the day. You may find that you cannot remember where you put an item, such as your car keys. You may find that you have to make lists to remember things you need to do. These are regular changes that occur during the aging process. You can usually manage this type of memory loss.

Dementia may cause significant memory loss. Dementia is a term typically used to cover a broad range of symptoms that include impairment in judgment, reasoning, and memory. Dementia has a tendency to get worse over time and usually harms relationships and work activities. Some signs of potential dementia are taking much longer to complete a familiar and straightforward task, getting lost in familiar areas, and losing items by putting them in odd places. 

Some other causes of loss of memory that may be reversible may be caused by medical problems. These conditions can typically be treated and then improve over time. Specific medicine or a combination of specific medicines may cause confusion or memory loss. A head injury or an accident that caused head trauma is often the cause of memory loss. Stress, depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders may cause you to be forgetful, confused, or have problems concentrating. An emotional disorder may cause problems with your everyday activities. Excessive alcohol can negatively affect your mental capabilities. If you have a drink while taking certain medications, it can cause problems with your memory and thinking. 

If you have vitamin deficiencies, it can also cause problems with your memory. B-12 is a common deficiency for adults. B-12 is needed in your body to promote healthy red blood and nerve cells. When you do not have enough of this vitamin, it impacts your memory. If your thyroid does not function correctly, it can cause problems with your memory. When your thyroid is underactive, it is a condition called hypothyroidism and may impact your ability to think properly. In some cases, brain disease, a brain tumor, or infection may affect your memory and even cause symptoms that mimic dementia. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that makes its way to the brain. If you are a smoker, you may find that you have difficulty remembering names and faces. 

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