Tips on How to Choose the Best Balloons for Your Party Celebration

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Whenever you see a balloon, you know there is a party somewhere. Of all the party decorations, balloons can be considered the most festive of all. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colours.

Even a simple party can become visually attractive if there are balloons. However, when choosing balloons for your party, you just don’t go to the store and randomly pick the ones you fancy.  

It is very common these days to go for customised balloon Singapore that could make your party even more special. This article lists the considerations you must note in choosing the best balloons for your party celebration. 

Let us take a look.

Considerations when Choosing the Best balloons for a party

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1. Occasion

The first thing you must consider, especially in the planning stage, is to think about the occasion. Will it be a birthday party or an anniversary? A baptism or baby shower? Or Valentine’s day, Christmas party?

When you have laid down the occasion, you can now move on to the next part of the planning stage, which is the overall theme of the party. The theme will be your guide in selecting the balloons you will need for the party.

2. Theme

Most parties these days are executed with a theme in mind. Gone are the days when you just adorn your home with gender-specific colours like blue and pink for boys and girls, respectively, regardless of whether they are young or old.

There are several themes that you can choose from. In many instances, birthday party decorations reflect the interest of the celebrant regardless of age or gender.

If you have chosen a theme for the party, it is ideal to work around two to three main colours for the balloons to create a more cohesive atmosphere. For instance, if a 3-year-old girl likes Barbie dolls, you can use pink, white, and purple balloon colours.

If you want balloon colours that bring a warm and energetic atmosphere to your party, you could pick warm colours such as red and yellow. For a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere for your party, you can choose blue, purple, and other cool-toned colours.

3. Location

The area where you plan to hold your party is an indicator of how big or small your balloon setup needs to be. If you have a party in a large venue or even in an outdoor space, you may decorate the place with towering balloon decorations.

However, if you are planning to hold the party indoors, for example, in your living room, you can make a small balloon arch or use helium balloons to make balloon ceiling decorations.

4. Budget

Setting a budget will help you stay on track with your planning. The budget will be the game-changer in your decorations. This will dictate how elaborate or simple your decorations will be. This will determine as well how many balloons you need to purchase to decorate your party.

5. Quality

You should definitely purchase quality balloons from a reputable supplier. When you purchase balloons of low quality, you will most likely have defective balloons in the pack that could burst easily.

You want your balloons to stay in shape before and during the party. For sure! You would not like some balloons to pop, destroying the overall aesthetic look of your decorations. Not to mention, the popping noise can be disturbing.  

6. Number and Type of Balloons

For instance, when planning a birthday party, you often need lots of balloons to celebrate the festivity. While some occasions, like a wedding, may require only a generous number of balloons. 

There are two common types of balloons – Latex balloons and Foil balloons. Latex balloons are the type of balloons that people often buy, made of rubber or latex. These are the balloons that you use to make balloon towers and arcs. You can even have latex balloons with printed labels. 

On the other hand, foil balloons are made of nylon with aluminum inside. These balloon types come in different shapes and sizes. You can spell out the name of the birthday celebrant with foil balloons.

There are other balloon types that are very eye-catching such as the bubble balloon and cloudbuster balloon. Bubble balloons are made of flexible materials.

Bubble balloons are see-through and round-shaped. There are some bubble balloons that contain confetti inside or even stuffed toys that are perfect to use for decorations on Valentine’s Day.

Cloudbuster balloons are quite resistant to the sun’s rays. You don’t expect them to pop easily when used in an outdoor setup. These balloons can also float or fly for a number of days.

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Party balloons always set the mood for any party. They can even create lasting impressions and fond memories for your guests. You can expect that your guests will enthusiastically come back whenever you have another party because you can throw an amazing one with the best balloon decorations.

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