5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf

Styling a scarf is one of the heck, and people often think styling a scarf is limited to headscarves only. Most people assume scarves are worn on the head only, it mainly does, but only religious women from different religions do that. Christian and Muslim women wear them on the head only to ensure they comply with their religious duties. If you are in the mood to buy hijab online, there is no other place better than Black Camels, as they know how to get the best products and high-quality scarves to their customers. Apart from this, women’s scarves online in Pakistan are easy to source due to numerous options. 

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A scarf may appear to be a simple fabric worn around the neck, but besides keeping you warm and protecting you from the sun and other things, it has become an important accessory to style your overall look. Various materials are used to make these scarves, such as linen, wool, silk, or cotton. The best thing about these scarves is they can be worn in various ways. They are the easiest ways to level up your whole look. You can wear them as a bandana or just a neck wrap, or you can even turn them into a jacket as well. That’s pretty surprising, but you can make a new look with them every time you wear them.

Following are the ways you can style your scarf and

up your overall look.


1. Perfect Neck Wrap

The best thing about this style is it is not restricted to one gender only, be it a man or woman, they both can sport this scarf style and be the star of the party. There is a misconception that scarves are for women only. However, this is not the case anymore. One of the best ways to amp up your whole outfit, be it with western or eastern wear, go with a scarf. 

Take a scarf in a square shape and fold it in a diagonal. Now hold it right below your neck. Make sure you are taking both ends to the back and wrapping them around your neck. Tuck these loose ends inside your scarf, and You are ready now.

2. Works like a Headband

If you do not want to take the scarf and cover your head traditionally, there is another way to cover your head with a simple headband and be the new style diva of the town. Again, this style is not limited to one gender only. Both men and women can sport this headband style. 

Styling it is pretty easy. All you have to do is fold the scarf various times to turn it into a narrow strip. Right from below your hair, it’s time you bring up your scarf and tie both ends together in a bow.

3. No need for necklaces

If you are not much of a fan of necklaces, we have good news for you. Now you can turn your scarf into an accessory and say goodbye to those chunky necklaces that you have always despised. If you like to wear something around your neck other than jewelry, there is nothing better than neck scarves.

All you have to do is wrap the overall scarf on your neck and make sure you tie it in half a knot in the middle. Now it’s time you take ends, loop it all around the consistent side, and end the whole look with an attractive know. Repeat the overall procedure on the other side as well. 

4. Get a Jacket out of it.

That is something no one has ever done before, trust me, and you will be the first one in your circle making a jacket out of your scarf or dupatta. If you have a colorful mirror work dupatta, you can make a jacket out of it for your party nights. You cannot wear those regular jackets to the night party, right? It’s time you bring some crazy factors to your overall look and change your mirror work dupatta to the jacket. 

To make the jacket, you have to fold the dupatta lengthwise, bring both the dupatta ends together, and knot them together. It will create loops for both your arms. Now you should put your arms through them, and now you are ready to rock the look.

5. Bandeau Top

Okay, now this is something you must not have seen before. I mean, creating a bandeau top with a scarf is something not everybody is aware of. You have to be very creative and know how to get things done if you want to do this. One scarf can serve multiple purposes only if you know how to make the best use of them.

Everybody loves wearing lovely tiny tops. Now it’s time you make your bandeau top with a silk scarf only. All you have got to do is wrap the scarf right around your chest. Now you have got to tie both the corners into a small and a half knot and pull them both right against your chest firmly. Now you should let both ends of the drape down.

Could you guys think of these creative scarves wearing and styling ideas?


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Abrish Fatma is a fashion designer at Black Camels and a digital influencer based in Karachi, Pakistan.


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