Clutter Cutting: 4 Techniques for Organizing Your House

If you find yourself constantly asking, “Where are my [insert your personal lost item here]?” Then it may be time to do a little decluttering. Having an organized home allows you to enjoy what you have more since it’s easier to find and gives you more time to enjoy time with family and friends, since you aren’t constantly searching for or fixing items you probably don’t need, anyway. With a few simple steps, you can be well on your way to having the clutter-free house you’ve always wanted, but never had the time to achieve.

Take It Slow

Don’t try to swoop in and completely organize your house in one weekend. You won’t do as thorough of a job as you could if you took more time, plus you will be overwhelmed with the monumental task and will likely quit before you’re even halfway through. Start small, even if it’s just a drawer, and carefully go through it, getting rid of everything you no longer need, and then considering the best method for organizing that small space as you place what you are keeping back in it. Little by little, your entire house will become organized and you’ll stay sane.

Help Wanted

Having less stuff certainly lends itself to being more easily organized, however, utilizing organization aids will allow you to end up with a finished product that’s even more organized and more permanent. Whether it’s shelves for your closets, dividers for your drawers, or hooks for your doors, there’s an organization solution for just about every clutter problem. By rewarding yourself with some type of organization aid at the end of a difficult purge, you’ll be much more likely to utilize that aid as you move forward.

Give It a Rest

Sometimes, just putting the items in your home in their proper place can do wonders to help you find an organized space. If the spots where the things you want to keep are full of clutter, though, it will be impossible to achieve the results you’re looking for. In that case, it might be wise to completely empty out select rooms, put the contents of those rooms in storage, and then put the items from the other rooms that belong in the now-empty rooms in their proper place.

As you free up space in other rooms, you can then start to bring in items from storage, with Kloke Group Moving & Storage or a similar company, then when every room has the proper amount of “stuff,” get rid of everything else you have in storage without even bringing it home.

Make a Plan

A big part of successfully organizing your home is overcoming all the mental hurdles and excuses that so often stand in your way. However, by making a plan for “what happens next,” you’ll give yourself a much better chance of long-term success.

By detailing what should go where and when, as well as setting a regular schedule for yourself to re-organize problem areas, you’ll have the power to overcome the disorganization “monster” that so often creeps in unexpectedly over time. Share your plan with everyone else in your household so they can try and follow it, too, and then hold each other accountable to the plan so you can help each other succeed.

Don’t Give up

No matter how you go about organizing your home, it’s important to keep going, even when it’s difficult. Especially if you’ve never gone about organizing your home, it can be an emotional, difficult, and time-consuming process. However, even if your progress slows to a trickle, don’t allow yourself to give up on the process. Keep your end goal in sight, and celebrate even small successes. Then, when you do reach the finish line, your accomplishment will be that much sweeter.

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