Simple Ways to Get the Kids Excited About Being Healthier

Kids aren’t always excited about living healthier. Healthy living sounds good to adults who know the value of good health as well as the true cost of poor health. To kids, however, the definition of healthy living sounds more like, “No more cookies, ice cream, or fun, and a lot more brussels sprouts and carrots,” in their minds. If you want to get your kids a little more excited about living healthy lives, start now. They’re going to develop much better health habits as children, but you’re going to need to find a way to get them a little more excited about being healthier.

Stop Saying Healthy

If it’s healthy, don’t mention it. Your kids don’t need to know you mixed broccoli into their brownie batter using a top-secret mom-approved recipe. They just need to know they’re getting brownies they love. You don’t have to share everything with them by using the word healthy. Asking the kids if they’d like a brownie is far more appealing than asking them if they want a healthy brownie. Ban the use of the word “healthy” from your vocabulary when trying to get your kids to try new things.

Make Snacking Enjoyable

Rather than cookies after school, make the kids a fun snack that’s healthy but looks fun. Try slicing apples and putting peanut butter on them. Sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top of the peanut butter for good measure. The kids will forget they’re eating a healthy snack because they’re eating chocolate. It’s always easier to get kids excited about things like this than it is to force them to eat things they consider boring and basic.

Make it Fun

When good health is fun, it’s something your kids will enjoy. For example, if you download an app that allows them to watch a puzzle unfold as they brush their teeth for 2 minutes, they might brush for the entire 2 minutes. Look for dental practices similar to Calgary South Centre Dental which will help your children feel more comfortable and at ease. If children find the experience fun, then they’ll want to go to necessary places like the dentist or doctor’s office. It’s all about making things more fun to get kids excited about new things.

Let Them Help

If you want your kids to try new things and be braver about their eating habits, why not allow them to be in charge of that portion of the meal? Let the kids season the broccoli before you roast it, turn on the oven, or serve it to the family. It might not seem like anything more than a little free labor to you, but they’re usually more willing to eat these things when they played such an important role in helping create them. They’re proud of their work and want to eat it.

Make Exercise A Game

If the kids need to stop their sedentary lifestyles, it’s time to get them out of the house. Take them in the pool during the summer to cool off and have races. Buy bicycles for the entire family and go for fun rides. Take long walks through new neighborhoods and let the kids go on a treasure hunt while you walk. They’re too distracted having a good time with you and the games they’re playing to realize they’re exercising and being active.

The thing about kids is they are too smart. They know when you’re trying to force them to be healthier, so you must be smarter. Disguise it as fun, make it more enjoyable, and don’t say a word about them being active or getting healthy. Just let them enjoy their time with you, their newfound snacks, and their new lifestyles. They’ll grow accustomed to this over time, and that will help them live healthier lives a bit more naturally.

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