5 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year

Many people are beginning to explore destinations where they can mark the beginning of yet another year as New Year’s Eve fast approaches. For some, a quiet and reserved place will do the trick for family gatherings while for the party goers, they need a street full of entertainment.

Metropolitans and cities all around the world are competing to attract the largest number of people so they can reap massive profits from the festive season. Some people prefer to travel to Nevada for the gigantic Vegas block party while others will prefer to take their kids to Hawaii for a surfing and other water sports. One of the best ways to find great spots in your area to celebrate is by checking your local news.

In this article, we have compiled the best destinations where you can travel to the end of year party or holiday.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles celebrates New Year accommodating a wide variety of budgets and tastes. This includes places for people who would like to indulge in nightclubbing, black tie affairs and the mammoth parties in the city’s streets. Los Angeles prefers to keep the information about their parties a secret and release it as a surprise to all at the last minute.

One way to celebrate New Year’s Eve that has gained a lot of popularity in the city club crawls. With club crawls, all you need to do is purchase a ticket which allows you to hop from one club to the other all night long to all clubs that are included in that particular club crawl program.

Another hit is the Cleopatra’s Eve Ball that happens annually at New Year’s Eve in Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater. The Eve ball involves a confetti blast kick off and balloon drop for the New Year while the DJ plays all your favorite tracks in an arena lit by state of the art LED display. Grand Park also offers free events where live entertainment is set up on numerous stages along with multiple varieties of food and drinks vendors throughout the park.

Honolulu, Hawaii

In Honolulu, you can welcome the New Year in your beach attire in the numerous sandy beaches in the town. You can also enjoy the fireworks display on the beaches of Waikiki and the Marketplace of Aloha Tower. Honolulu is one of the most family-friendly New Year Eve vacations in all of the United States.

Your kids can play on the sandy beaches and enjoy the numerous water sporting activities such as motor boating and jet skiing. Other activities that will give your kids life-long memories include multiple entertainment stages, food trucks and the beer garden for adults. If you don’t have any children ensure that you grace the hot New Year parties that feature dress up bashes, themes and the hottest tracks from your favorite DJ. To cure the night’s hangover, you can enjoy the lovely scenery offered by the sandy beaches and the waves in midafternoon.

Portland, Oregon

In Portland, there are more nightlife clubbing and partying destinations than you can ever fully exhaust. You can hook up with an old friend for a beer while enjoying live performances by music bands at the many night pubs and clubs in the city. You can also attend some of the epic balls with your significant other to mark the beginning of yet another year in your lives.

One of the most popular parties in the town is the Portland champagne ball which has four dance floors, 17 bars, and four themed rooms. You get the opportunity to dress for the occasion with LulaRoe fashion designers and look fancy. You can also expect party favors, late night pizza, wine cellars, photo booths and cold and hot buffets with desserts. When attending these parties… You can even hit up such places as Big Lebowski in the Pearl District or the Low Brow Lounge.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Every end of year eve, there are over 300,000 partygoers who attend the events organized in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas. The Nevada state authorities ban any traffic from using the Las Vegas strip so it could be transformed into a venue for the biggest party of the year. All the casinos launch a choreographed display of fireworks that dwarf the ball drop in New York’s Times Square.

The many clubs in the town rock your favorite jams while everyone from the celebrities and the wealthy to the average people dance all night till the sun is out.


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