9 Helpful Tips for Traveling with Children


As the world recovers from the pandemic, travel is in more demand than ever before. Therefore, a family vacation with the little ones is a great idea.

However, traveling with children, especially across long distances, can be difficult. Children can easily get bored, agitated, and sometimes overwhelmed during travel.

So, here are nine helpful tips to make traveling with kids easier and smoother.

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How to Pack Light for a 2-Week Family Vacation

Traveling with my two kids is exciting, fun, and something we always do together. However, the packing is another story entirely. Ensuring you have everything you need without taking half the house with you is a challenge most parents face, especially since we tend to pack unnecessary items “just in case.” But, after my years traveling abroad, I have narrowed down packing light to fine art, even when it’s for a two-week-long vacay with two kids in tow. So, here’s everything you need to know about packing light for extended family holidays.

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5 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year

Many people are beginning to explore destinations where they can mark the beginning of yet another year as New Year’s Eve fast approaches. For some, a quiet and reserved place will do the trick for family gatherings while for the party goers, they need a street full of entertainment.

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Travel Series: 80 Tips for Traveling with Children (Part 2 of 3)

Guest post contributed by Ollie Birk

Your child’s health is probably top of your list of priorities…And rightly so. Today, in part 2, I will be discussing some tips so you can optimize your child’s health when traveling.




Airplanes are dirty, and this has even been admitted by air stewards! Bring sanitizer products such as antibacterial wipes to ensure your child’s surroundings are clean and safe. This can prevent any illnesses while on holiday and make your time away a lot easier for yourself.
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