9 Helpful Tips for Traveling with Children


As the world recovers from the pandemic, travel is in more demand than ever before. Therefore, a family vacation with the little ones is a great idea.

However, traveling with children, especially across long distances, can be difficult. Children can easily get bored, agitated, and sometimes overwhelmed during travel.

So, here are nine helpful tips to make traveling with kids easier and smoother.

Pick a Kid-Friendly Destination

Your choice of destination will greatly influence the success of your trip. You cannot expect to have a great family vacation if you choose a destination that does not appeal to children. Save the romantic trip to Paris for another time. When traveling with kids, it is more important to choose a location that caters to the specific needs and interests of the younger travelers.

Book an Early Flight Departure

Savvy travelers understand that an early departure is typically always the best chance that you have for avoiding delays. These flights are also typically less crowded, making it more likely to have room to spread out with your kids. You should also avoid layovers or connecting flights when traveling with children. Your best bet will always be a direct flight that minimizes potential disruptions.

Also, if your child has special needs, contact the airline ahead of your trip to ensure that any necessary accommodations will be offered.

Avoid Travel During Nap Time

Do not make the rookie parenting mistake of scheduling a flight during nap time thinking that your child will sleep on the plane. While this strategy may work for road trips, it is likely to backfire during plane rides. The excitement of being on an airplane often makes it difficult for children to settle down and rest. The result will be a cranky child when you finally arrive at the destination.

Make Sure Kids Understand the Expectations

Kids generally behave better throughout the entirety of the trip if they know what to expect. You can prepare your kids for what they may experience so that they are not surprised by any part of the trip. This means practicing how to behave on flights or in the car.

Also, if your children are not used to eating out at restaurants away from home, you may want to do a trial run before heading out on the big adventure. If your kids have never flown in an airplane, you want to consider preparing them by watching some videos about what to expect.

Dress Kids in Layers

The key to a happy kid when traveling is a comfortable kid. Dressing your children in layers on the day of travel will give you more flexibility. This is not the time to make sure your child is dressed in the cutest outfits. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible. Avoiding buttons and zippers on pants is also a good idea if your child is new at using the bathroom alone.

Look Into a Private Jet Charter

For the easiest possible travel experience, skip commercial flying altogether and look into a private jet charter. It may be more affordable than you think to charter your own aircraft, particularly if you are flying with a large group. For example, a private jet charter to Orlando is the easiest way possible to take your kids to all of the theme parks in Florida.

Pack Sanitation Supplies

Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than an illness. You can never be too prepared when traveling with kids. Packing along your own sanitation supplies will make it easier to wipe up spills, clean hands, and ensure a safer travel experience. Good things to keep on you include antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues.

Travel Light

Despite all of the extra gear that you need when traveling with kids, it is still important to travel as lightly as possible. Regardless of if you are traveling by air or vehicle, you will enjoy more flexibility and freedom if you are not hauling an excess amount of luggage with you.

Have a Plan But Allow for Spontaneity

One of the keys to a great trip is finding the balance between having a plan and leaving room for spontaneity. While it is good to have a tight schedule in mind to keep you on track, it is equally important to build in time to make a last-minute itinerary decision or switch up the plan.

In Summary

A family getaway should be a fun and memorable experience for all. These nine tips will go a long way in helping to ensure the best possible travel experience for you and your children. Happy and safe travels!

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