4 Popular Styles for Wrought Iron Fencing to Consider 

A wrought iron fence can definitely be a beautiful and classy addition to your property. It will increase the value even more so since real wrought iron has not even been produced in many years. Yet it continues to be elegant and stylish and is associated with manors, large estates, classy gardens, and government buildings. Its ornate and highly-designed intricacies are gorgeous and extremely eye-catching. Following are some of the styles that you could choose from: 

Antique Material

The first choice would be to find original wrought-iron fencing in actual wrought iron that was removed from an old Victorian or other mansion’s premises and is ready to be reused and placed in another remarkable location.

Substitute Material 

You may have to choose a substitute material that might be termed today’s wrought iron but is typically aluminum or steel that is designed to mimic the function and look of the classic wrought iron. Durable steel can be at a higher price, but the high-quality powder-coated galvanized steel used by some fence installers has minimal rusting, rotting, and chipping. Alternatively, you can get the classic look without spending as much money with the more affordable aluminum choice. Those two are not as rust-resistant and durable as wrought iron, they are quite sturdy when compared to another fencing. They would, however, cost more than a simple vinyl or wood fence option.

There are so many pattern options with wrought iron gating, that having your own can make your yard as unique as your own fingerprint. A few that stand out to be the more popular, however, include solid posts (for their simplicity and durability) with spade-style tops to create a decorative and practical point. More ornate options lean toward lattice styles and twisted columns.

Painted Highlights

Wrought iron is known to range from simple bars to interesting and unique decorative elements that add a particular flare. Although usually presented in black, it can be painted, which adds to its resistance to rust and is a way to highlight the unusual design and make the fencing really stand out. Painting highlights the decorative ornamentation if it is incredibly detailed and ornate metalwork in a pattern that you may desire. 

There are so many ways to feature a beautiful black wrought iron fence. It could have a manicured hedge and a bed of colorful flowers at the bottom or be used to outline that the fence is surrounding a lush garden or a Victorian-style landscape and home.

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  1. Thank you so much for talking about the ways you can style wrought iron fences to add more colors and security to it. Whenever I see those secure luxury house properties, I begin to wonder if fences like the ones they have can be designed in a way to have more color to help it pop out when viewing the front of the house. After reading your article, I’m now more curious about these kinds of fences, so I’ll ask any iron fencing contractors in my area about them and see what my choices are.

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