Painful Dilemmas: What to Do When Your Child Has Been Stung by a Bee

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

While playing outside during the warm spring and summer months is a lot of fun, there are some risks that your child will face by doing so. One risk is being stung by a bee. If a bee stings your child it can be a painful and shocking experience. When this does happen, here are four things that you should do to help your child and prevent it from happening again.

Wash and Clean Area

The first thing that you need to do is to wash and clean the area surrounding the stinger. In most cases, a bee will leave a stinger behind, which needs to be removed immediately. You should then gently wash the area with warm water and soap, which will help to prevent any infection or further issues from occurring.

Ice and Pain Killer

After you have cleaned the area, the next thing that you need to do if a bee stings your child is to apply ice to the wound. By applying a cold pack within the first few minutes, you can greatly reduce the chance of it swelling further. While this can help to reduce pain as well, providing your child with an additional pain reliever could be a good idea.

Watch the Wound

While most bee stings are not considered a big issue, if your child is stung by a bee, you need to make sure that you watch it carefully. If the area continues to get redder and the swelling does not go down, you should contact your doctor or take the child to urgent care as this could be an indication of an allergy or infection.

Pest Control

Once you have had a chance to calm your child and start relieving the pain, the next step needs to be to contact your local pest control specialist. A pest control specialist will be able to come to your home to inspect the property for any bees, wasps, or other harmful insects. They will be able to eradicate the issue and could also provide you with tips on how to ensure they don’t come back, which could include removing any plants that tend to attract bees.

At some point in their lives, most people will be stung by a bee while playing outside. While this is a relatively common incident, it can be very scary and painful for a child that is new to the experience. If your child is stung, hopefully, the above advice will help you calm them down, relieve the pain, and reduce the risk of it happening again.

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