What is Depression and How to Treat it Naturally

Life’s challenges can be difficult at times, and it’s normal to feel sad. However, when that feeling turns into helplessness or hopelessness and lasts for days or weeks, it could signal clinical depression. 

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Painful Dilemmas: What to Do When Your Child Has Been Stung by a Bee

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

While playing outside during the warm spring and summer months is a lot of fun, there are some risks that your child will face by doing so. One risk is being stung by a bee. If a bee stings your child it can be a painful and shocking experience. When this does happen, here are four things that you should do to help your child and prevent it from happening again.
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Finding Equilibrium: How to Re-center Your Life’s Balance

Life seems to take us in different directions, often to extremes. A grouchy boss can make our life at work difficult. A sick kid can make our evenings miserable. A weather event, like a blizzard or hurricane, can make a lousy week even worse. With so many things going on, finding your life’s balance is tricky. Let’s look for a way you can re-center your life’s balance.

Become Aware

What parts of your life are out of balance? Identifying these out-of-balance extremes helps you determine where you need to make changes. For example, you may be spending 60-70 hours a week on the job, while not getting any time with your spouse or kids. Your work life and your family life are extremely out of balance. This should become a step that you return to periodically to measure how out of balance life is.

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Simple Home Remedy Relief – Sore Throat


With fall right around the corner, the weather is already beginning to cool at night and in the mornings.  Then, in afternoon it’s 85 – 90 degrees!  This weather change can cause a mild sore throat or allergies in some people.  

I have found that sometimes it’s the simple home remedy solutions that work the best! For the last two days I have been drinking lemon water to relieve a sore throat.  It has improved my energy level as well as soothed my sore throat symptoms.  The vitamin C plus water is a better alternative than water alone.  

If you do not like lemon, try lime or oranges.  You can even mix all three of these citrus fruits with water for a refreshing drink.  

Wash your lemon. Slice the lemon in half and then use a citrus reamer to easily extract all of the juice out of one half into a gallon of water.  Cut the other half into slices and place in the water.  


Try drinking a minimum of 16oz of water squeezed with lemon each day and feel the benefits!

The citrus reamer pictured is from Good Cook.  It is an inexpensive tool that takes all of the work out of squeezing fruits.  It prevents waste and mess!