Spy on WhatsApp Messenger for Family Online Safety

WhatsApp is the most secure, easiest and friendly social media app around today. The use of WhatsApp is very quickly rising and making its way to the top among the most popular app on the smartphone.

Millions of users across the globe are connected via the WhatsApp to share messages, voice messages, videos and much more. This social media app is changing the trends of communication and is becoming a solution for any reason. Despite offered free of cost, WhatsApp has many features that are making users stick to this multimedia platform.

As the growth of WhatsApp is increasing, many parents are concerned about the extreme usage of the app. This also accelerates the stigma of falling in the cyber-crime trap. Despite the many security features in WhatsApp, parents are too concern about the fact that it is taking the next generation to a new level of screen time.

Just like many parents, monitoring social media applications especially WhatsApp is very important. Many of the online apps are available which can provide you with the legitimate authority to spy on your kid’s smartphones.  

Why WhatsApp monitoring is necessary – For Kids and also for Family members

For many of the reasons, parents need to invest in some high proficiency WhatsApp monitor as that cannot rely on the built-in security protocols. Parents do care about their children and always want them to be secure while at the same time, would also like to protect all members of the family and also checking what they are browsing and with whom they are interacting when your family members are online.

Highlights of TheOneSpy WhatsApp feature

  •       Designed with objectives

TheOneSpy is the only application, which allows complete monitoring of the target WhatsApp and is very user-friendly. With many built-in features including the backup and message restoring, parents can easily check all the deleted messages and protect their children.

  •       One application saves it ALL

Spy app for android is the most advanced and the most trusted monitoring app available to date. Not only does the app track WhatsApp chat it can also simultaneously track more than 30 applications on a single device.

  •       Easiest app

Although many spy apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple store, TheOneSpy app is the easiest to install and also the best to use. Regardless of how much you have searched Google on how to use such apps, you need to follow the guidelines, which are related to the successful completion of the installation. With a user-friendly interface, TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy will monitor all the records of the targeted device with ease.

WhatsApp Chat

TheOneSpy WhatsApp is very much easy to check the messages and also provides the facility to exchange the media files from your targeted phone and also share the contact details and time of every message.

The control panel on the TheOneSpy dashboard provides all the necessary plug-in options with cross-platform security to secure your family from cybercrime.

WhatsApp Voice

WhatsApp voice messages are the best and the most useful feature for the young generation on their cell phones. It is also very easy if the targeted device is different from your operating services like the Android or Apple.

The Jailbreak option can easily record the WhatsApp voice messages and will provide all the log details to use in the future.

Benefits for Parents

Have you ever faced difficulty in monitoring the WhatsApp of your family members? You want to spy their cell phones secretly. The WhatsApp Spy app has the solution to monitor the messages and voice messages. The sharing of media files and documents is also very easy.

Many of the users delete their sent messages, which at times are very important. The back-up features will remember all the activities even if they are deleted from the targeted cell phone.  



Using TheOneSpy is completely safe as the app is not hacking someone’s phone. As a member of the family, you have the right to spy the cell phone of your children and family members. With TheOneSpy, you can remotely watch the entire conversation on your cell phone.

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