How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

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Before age six, children have an enormous capacity for learning, yet many of them struggle to learn while others come by it so easily. It’s something that baffles many parents. It can seem daunting, but the good news is that all a parent needs is a little help to get their kids on track.

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

With step-by-step, guided instruction from Ucan Courses, you can give your child the advantage of a lifetime. This proven method for teaching your child to read by first grade is getting attention. It gives kids a running start, boosts confidence, and eliminates that overwhelming feeling so many have on the first day of school. Importantly, it puts the parent in the driver’s seat: All you need is 10 minutes a day for 15 days!

A Knowledgeable Ucan Coach

Ucan Courses are not only effective, they even come with help! For example, Shelana, a Ucan coach will help guide you and your child. Meet Shelana, everyone.

Shelana is a first-grade teacher with more than 20 years of experience. She’s also a wife, mother, and grandmother. And, she can be your Ucan coach, guiding you in teaching your child to read.

Why Parents Love Ucan Kids

It’s fun, easy, and goes at the child’s own pace. It can also be used by nannies or grandparents. It gets results. The program builds skills in comprehension and retention – essential for young learners. It will have your child reading – and understanding – full sentences by first grade!

People who use Ucan Kids tend to be:

  • College-focused parents with an eye on Harvard who want to give their child every advantage.
  • Beginner parents who benefit from Shelana’s proven methods for teaching kids.
  • Busy parents who find that 10 minutes of paired and shared learning creates a special bond that reinforces learning.
  • Homeschooling parents who use the program as a foundation for learning.
  • Parents of a child with learning challenges who will benefit from early attention.

UcanKids Courses are Tailor Made for Kids and Parents

As you give your child all the advantages of this remarkable methodology for learning to read, you’ll get super parenting tips and tons of support, games, and tools to download, and the joy that comes when you see your child reading, retaining, and comprehending words. For children everywhere, education really is the future. Once your child has discovered the magic of reading, a whole world of learning awaits.

Get started now: Sign up for the free 10 Step Cheat Sheet here, after which you’ll get three free training videos.

Don’t want to waste time? As part of this limited time offer, you can begin immediately by enrolling in the full online course. You’ll still receive the cheat sheet, the free training videos, and all the bonus educational tools. Learn morehere.

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  1. I so agree with this. Reading is so important. I know I always loved to read, so I always had books around for my kids when they were small.

  2. Reading to kid since they are babies can really benefit them when they grow up. No doubt about that. Reading is the best habit one can have. It will benefit their whole life. Totally agree with just 10 to 20 mins, we can make a different in child’s life.

  3. Thank you all so much for your feedback.

    I am glad that you agree with what I believe in and with what I am trying to achieve with my course.

    One of the key reasons, amongst others, why I created this course was to help a child build self esteem and cope better with the basic demands faced in school.

    Make sure you have a look at the links above.

  4. Teaching kids is crucial. People can really use this to their kids. It is tempting to use.

  5. I think this is pretty nice. The results are really promising. What a very good way of early learning.

  6. This looks great. We are in school holidays at the moment and this looks like something that would be a great option on starting our new year . Thank you.

  7. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. I am touched and so grateful.
    I designed this course because my middle child struggled during her first grade integration.
    In no way does this course replace first grade; it is there to build confidence, creativity, focus, vocabulary, comprehension, better writing skills, reduce stress and anxiety.

    The course will provide quality time between parent and child without the need for any phones, tablets and fancy apps.

    I am here to help. If you have any questions feel free to email me on

  8. Reading to my girls every day made such a great difference in their learning skills. They both love to read and write. They are great story tellers. We read mostly at night, before bedtime.

    1. Oh wow I’d love to hear some of their stories! That is so fun. I bet their imaginations are full of adventure too. 🙂

  9. My eldest is a voracious reader. She learned to read before she was 2 years old. The second child learned when she wanted. Now, she is 5 years old and in Kinder School and is very good at reading. They both learned at their own pace.

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