Parenting’s Latest Challenge: Working at Home While Schooling Your Children

Hey parents, what are the latest parenting challenges you’re facing working at home while schooling your children? 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools for over 168 million children around the world have been closed completely for almost a full year as shown in a new report released by UNICEF. Besides, approximately 14 countries globally have remained closed from March 2020 to Feb 2021.

Many companies were forced to allow their employees to work remotely. For many parents, this translates to working from home with children around you all the time.

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7 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom

Becoming a mother is probably the biggest milestone in any woman’s life. While it’s certainly the most wonderful thing in the world, you may be met with anxiety when your little one arrives and you need to navigate a completely new world. Motherhood comes with challenges every step of the way, and when things don’t seem to be working out the way you want them to, you may start doubting yourself and your role in your family. Nip these unfounded doubts in the bud and boost your confidence as a mom with these 7 tips.

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Why Every Young Parent Should Consider Getting a Backup Generator for Their Home

As parents, you know how much stuff babies and kids require to get through life. Young parents stock up on all of the essentials from cribs and bedding to clothes and toys to get their children through their earliest stages of life. Something you may not have considered purchasing is a backup generator. A backup generator can be a lifesaver for a growing family should an emergency strike. Power generators either sense an upcoming power outage or can be turned on manually when the power goes out. Providing electricity to your home during a storm or emergency is especially helpful when you have babies or children.

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How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

This sponsored post is brought to you by The Ucan Group and coordinated by Wendy’s Bloggers.

Before age six, children have an enormous capacity for learning, yet many of them struggle to learn while others come by it so easily. It’s something that baffles many parents. It can seem daunting, but the good news is that all a parent needs is a little help to get their kids on track.

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

With step-by-step, guided instruction from Ucan Courses, you can give your child the advantage of a lifetime. This proven method for teaching your child to read by first grade is getting attention. It gives kids a running start, boosts confidence, and eliminates that overwhelming feeling so many have on the first day of school. Importantly, it puts the parent in the driver’s seat: All you need is 10 minutes a day for 15 days!

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Start Seeing Results with CTCMath

Is your child struggling in math? Perhaps they need a little extra practice or you may be seeking an entirely new curriculum for your homeschool this year. Whatever the need, CTCMath has a solution.

About CTCMath

CTCMath offers 1,400+ tutorials that last around 4-9 minutes and presents the concept of each math lesson step-by-step using synchronized audio and animation which harnesses both audio and visual learning styles simultaneously. CTCMath lessons can be studied at home or at school and even on mobile devices. Their mission is to provide stimulating materials that are interesting and encourage the student, once started, to continue studying.

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5 Tips for Being a Better Adoptive Parent

An adoption agency expects certain criteria of potential adoptive parents, such as age or income range, duration of marriage, and other guidelines that suggest a stable and healthy environment. But every professional will also be looking for other traits considered requisite to raise an emotionally healthy child of any age. Here are some personal qualities you should be able to provide to be the best possible adoptive parent.

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5 Ways You Can Make an Easy Income as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Many parents feel conflicted about having to leave the house to provide financially for their family and staying at home to spend quality time with loved ones. While these seem to be conflicting forces, you may actually be able to blend them through a work-at-home job. These are some excellent work-at-home ideas for parents to make an easy income.

Party Planning

Many people find party planning to be stressful and time-consuming, and they are eager to pass the torch to a professional. If you enjoy organizing special events and being creative with themes, designs and more, you may be a natural party planner. This is a wonderful option because most of the work can be done from home, and you may only have to attend a special event that you have planned at night or on the weekend when the other parent is home.

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Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Elderly Parents from Falling

Guest post contributed by Chris Palmer

Elderly people are more prone to falling than the younger folks. Reasons could be numerous, ranging from medication side effects to illnesses. If you have an elderly parent you need to take care of; you need to devise a fall prevention plan immediately to avoid any severe harms. Below are some steps you can take to avoid the elderly from falling:

  1. It is advisable to basically draw out all the statistics and figure out what are the chances of falling. You can make an appointment with the doctor, and he might figure the plan out by determining facts like what medications your parents are on if they have any previous record of falling, are they prone to falling owing to any illness they might have already, etc. So you have to make sure you provide the doctor with all the right prescription details, especially the sedatives or the medication that makes your parents feel weary and tired.

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