How to Raise the Best Reader

There are many ways to help your child become the best reader possible. From bedtime stories to read to them at other times of day, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your child to read together. Reading is one of the most important skills that a person can learn in life; it opens up whole new worlds and gives children an understanding of different cultures and perspectives that they might not find otherwise. Here’s how you can make sure that your child becomes a great reader. Continue reading “How to Raise the Best Reader”

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

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Before age six, children have an enormous capacity for learning, yet many of them struggle to learn while others come by it so easily. It’s something that baffles many parents. It can seem daunting, but the good news is that all a parent needs is a little help to get their kids on track.

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

With step-by-step, guided instruction from Ucan Courses, you can give your child the advantage of a lifetime. This proven method for teaching your child to read by first grade is getting attention. It gives kids a running start, boosts confidence, and eliminates that overwhelming feeling so many have on the first day of school. Importantly, it puts the parent in the driver’s seat: All you need is 10 minutes a day for 15 days!

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