Hamptons Kitchen Design Ideas: 4 Tips and Tricks

The goal of being able to confidently showcase one’s kitchen has staggered the minds of most American households given its utmost importance in the home. Welcoming the guests to the kitchen gives off an air of assurance that the place where the food served to them is made is just equally, if not better, as majestic. 

This highlights the focal points—the important criteria that make a kitchen, a good one. Functionality—would it be able to cater to a number of guests without the expense of quality and safety? Space—can the kitchen accommodate most, if not all, of the visitors? And ultimately, Look—is the kitchen’s aesthetics pleasing to the eye? 

Considering these criteria, one striking kitchen interior style comes into mind: the Hamptons-style kitchen. If you’re gunning for this type of style, then here are the four most important tips to get that coastal elegance in your kitchen:

Cup of Coffee or Cuppa Joe

The first and foremost step to adopting anything that has a variety of options to choose from is to start choosing. You’re not just going to have a coffee (or a cuppa joe)—you’re going to have a certain variety of coffee: black, with cream, no sugar, or others. 

The same goes with your Hamptons-style kitchen. If you want a more classic, safer play between whites, greys, and matted black, then the American version is for you. This is the best route for people who want to vet for a simpler yet extremely elegant Hamptons-style kitchen. 

The United States iteration, however, proves to be more difficult to give finishing touches to, as opposed to its more carefree and playful counterpart—the Australian Hampton-style. The Australian Hamptons kitchen uses a lot of whites. But instead of being limited to greys and matte black, it also makes use of some muted versions of caramel, eucalyptus, blues, or anything that reflects the true Aussie palette. 

The Floor Isn’t Lava

In opposition to the Internet fad or meme called ‘the floor is like molten lava’, the floor isn’t something that you must avoid. Having to consider the type of material, the color, and the overall feel of your floorboard is one of the most crucial factors that you must consider before jumping into either of the styles. 

Since the Hamptons-style, generally, is a graceful combination of whites, greys, and other muted, coastal hues, the color of your floor must complement the overall theme. Both the American and Australian styles primarily use white and other hues are used as accent colors. Keep this in mind when trying to decide what accents to use.

Kitchen Islands

As the Hamptons-style originated from the coastal area of Long Island in New York, it’s not surprising that the kitchen island is one of the stars in all Hamptons-style kitchens. The extra living space proves how functional this style aims to be (to be fair, all kitchen styles need to be functional with the help of organization tools). These islands (or arguably islets) serve as a microcosm of the entire kitchen. One look from it should already reflect the entirety of the kitchen. 

The benchtop, in most cases, is always an interchangeable white or washed version of cream. And the body receives the most variety in terms of color. Some color them dark, while others do them white. Regardless, complementing it with the floorboard is an absolute must.

Size Matters

The prerequisite components of Hamptons-style lie with the color palette, the huge and deep sink, the cabinetry, the lights, and the handles. While it’s absolutely true that these are vital, one thing that most people forget is the harmonious contrast between them. A good example would be the sink. It needs to be deep since a larger sink implies a larger capacity that can handle more dishes for dozens of guests. 

As Hamptons-style kitchens are made to impress a large bulk of people, a tiny sink won’t simply do it. However, a deep and large sink doesn’t mean a huge one that’s ready to steal the show from all the other components of the kitchen. 

The proportion between the sink-to-the-island size is normally considered since these two are the ones placed in the bottom portion of the kitchen. It’s true that there are other types of sinks, but the same logic still applies to every component of the kitchen. Everything must be placed in absolute proportion.

Bearing Everything Into Mind

The Hamptons-style kitchen isn’t just the run-off-the-mill interior design that you often see being showcased on social media. It takes a great deal of planning to execute that gregarious refinement and elegance that it’s most known for. This means planning every component of the kitchen without forgetting others in the process. Achieving this is definitely not an easy task, but planning everything beforehand is often the key. 


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