Choosing the Right Pots for Your Plants

Gardening can be a challenge when you have minimal yard space. But, container gardening makes it possible to grow plants indoors. For that, you must select the accurate pot. Now, when choosing a plant pot for a new plant, you should always select the one that has drainage holes and gives the plant room to grow. The pot’s diameter should be at least one inch wider than the diameter of the plant’s root mass. 

Pot Sizes 

A local gardener sells flower pots in various sizes, and each pot is made for different types of plants. The pots are measured by their diameter. Here are some most common pot sizes that are available on market these days. 

10-inch pots

A pot with a 10-inch diameter is made to hold two and a half to three gallons of potting soil. This size is perfect for succulents and herbs. You can also grow vegetables like lettuce, strawberries, beets, and small carrots. Flowers like marigolds and zinnias can be grown in this size.  

14-inch pots

The pots with a 14-inch diameter work well for cabbage, peas, spinach, kale, collard greens, and chard.

18-inch pots

18-inch pots can grow big vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, and tomatoes. It is also perfect for growing berries, shrubs, and cacti.

24-inch pots

These pots hold 24 gallons of soil. And they can also handle large houseplants with extensive root systems.

30-inch pots

These plant pots are massive in size. They are mostly found in nurseries for trees that eventually go into the ground. Full growing trees like pear, apple, and plum can live their entire lives in this pot.

Types of Pots 

The pots come in different materials and aesthetics. But the material also decides the health of your plants. Some of the most commonly used pots have been mentioned here. 

Plastic pots

Plastic pots are lightweight and low-cost, and the best part is that they’re available in many colors. This means you can shop for your plant pots according to the aesthetic of your theme and make your home a beautiful space with this home décor item. Make sure you choose colors that go well with the plant and green leaves. These pots are the best for indoor plants because they absorb summer heat and can cook the plant’s roots. It is very important if you know that strong sunlight can cause the pot to fall apart. So place the pot very carefully. 

Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots are made from red clay. And these pots are the default for container gardening. The amazing material absorbs water from the soil and then eventually dries out. You can plant succulents and rosemary in this pot, and make sure you do much watering.

Glazed ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are sturdy and very heavy. These pots can be glazed in any color of your choice. The best part is that any plant can be grown in a glazed ceramic pot. But other than that, these pots are really expensive. And they can crack in freezing temperatures. So if you live somewhere cold, it will not be suitable for you.

Hanging baskets

You can consider hanging baskets for small indoor plants, especially if they are succulents. These pots give plants many drainages. So you cannot place anything below them because they will get wet.

What is repotting? 

Repotting gives your plant a fresh potting mix to grow in. This helps your plant sustain its current size and also helps them get larger. When repotting, you don’t have to go up a pot size. Just change the old potting mix that has degraded nutrients. But when your plants need a larger pot, make sure that you change it quickly. You should always select pots with drainage. And always remember that don’t pour more than one-third of the container’s size in water. And line the bottom of the plant pots with lava rocks, creating crevices for excess water to drain into.

Best indoor pots:

Terrain Bergs Fluttered Pot 

These pots boast a fluted silhouette and are made from terracotta clay. This develops a weathered patina over time because of oxidation. You can restore the original finish with a vinegar solution. The pot has a drainage hole and a saucer. 

West Elm Convivial Sand Collection

This pot is made from sand stoneware. It is covered in an Ivory glaze which makes it beautiful. You also get a matching dish with this with a drainage hole. The sizes available in this are 4-inch and 6-inch.

Urban Outfitters Estrella 

These pots are decorated with stars and moons. It is made of speckled ceramic with a matching dish.

Bloomist White Patina 

These pots are terracotta and whitewashed to resemble rustic weathered patina. They have a drainage hole and two trays. These are sold separately. These pots are available in Small to XXX-Large sizes.

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