10 Travel Essentials You Should Consider This Summer

Summer is already here and we cannot stop thinking about traveling and planning our next holiday. Whether you plan to spend a few days at the beach or try an exotic destination for 2-3 weeks, you cannot get rid of packing. On the other hand, when you are organized and know exactly what you need for summer travel, packing becomes a lot easier. So, if you’re adding things to your packing list, here are a few must-have suggestions.

1. Be smart when choosing your mobile device cover

Our phones are one of the essential items that we take on holiday. When traveling with kids, it often becomes difficult to manage the phone and all your documents and bags at the airport. It can also happen to forget or lose it in a restaurant or café while traveling. The good news is that you can now reduce this risk if you consider buying a “strap cover”. It allows you to keep your phone and boarding pass in your hand safely and say goodbye to useless, sticky adhesives. Besides, you should consider one that allows you to charge wirelessly without any hassle.

2. Keep your bag secure around the luggage

If I would recall all the crazy situations I’ve been into while traveling, I would never end this blog post. Therefore, one of the most frequent pieces of advice I always give to my friends when they start their organizing their holiday is to take care of their bags. For example, one of my recommendations is to use a travel belt to attach your bag to the luggage. Like this, you’ll free your hands and can focus on your kids or other important things. Besides, you can go the extra mile and add your monogram to it. So, you’ll recognize your luggage in the crowd and personalize it in a nice color.

3. Add some snacks to your bag

One of the best things I like about holidays is that I have an excuse to eat all the snacks I want. However, I’m conscious about health and try to choose Non-GMO, gluten-free products that match my family’s tastes. For instance, you can keep yourself energized throughout the day with some gourmet popcorn. You can try different flavors and use them without stress as they are made entirely of whole grains.

4. Try the sweet taste of Mexico!

Tamalitoz by Sugarox are a super easy alternative for snacking. Once you taste them for the first time, it will be difficult to share them. So, I recommend you to have several flavors with you, so you can offer some to your friends or family. They are a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico. This is a fruity ribbon-style candy, filled with a mild chili lime seasoning. Another thing that I like abotu this product is that all their flavors are naturally flavored and colored. I have to warn you that they can easily become your new obsession! You shouldn’t miss all 10 sweet and tangy flavors! 

5. Protect your skin throughout the day

No matter how much you like to spend all day out during the summer, you need to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. Therefore, you should pack your favorite sun lotions with different SPFs to secure a uniform and nice tan. You can also try the sun patches as an accessory to your sunscreen. You can easily add it to your face and protect the skin around your eyes. Even though tanned skin looks nice, it’s even nicer when it is healthy. So, be careful with how much you will stay on the beach!

6. Add more healthy snacks ☺

The list of healthy snacks you can add to your packing list is endless. Nothing compares with a sweet treat that will immediately boost you with energy during a long-haul flight. No matter the flavor you like, my suggestion is to always choose top quality. Therefore, you can look for gooey and fresh creations, perfectly wrapped so that they never arrive crumbled. I like those chocolate chunks. How about you?

7. Choose a bag to take all your essentials anywhere you need

You’ll need a stylish, yet practical bag to add all your essentials while you travel. Also, as you won’t be able to pack too many different bags, you should choose one that will serve different purposes. So, when searching for the perfect summer bag, try to think of one that you will use for your cellphone and docs, but for beach trips or to complete your festival look, as well.

8. Add Matcha powder to your luggage

Matcha is a fine powder extracted from the young leaves of the shade-grown Camellia sinensis plant. You can add this unique and secret ingredient to your list for a boost of energy. For example, you can use the Matcha powder to prepare some energy bites to keep you in a good shape throughout the day. It can also be used in smoothies or shakes to knockout your day, burn more calories, and detoxify your body during the summer.

9. Pack healthy ingredients for kids

Traveling with kids is always a challenge for which you need to be very well prepared. It doesn’t matter if you travel by car or by plane as you’ll need to be prepared with different ingredients to feed your child. For instance, you can try instant oat milk. It is a nutritious alternative that can be easily transformed into a delicious drink if you mix it with water. What’s more, it is a plant-based product full of vitamins such as B12, D, A, and calcium.

10. Take a cold remedy with you

Anything can happen during a holiday! Getting a cold is one of the most common experiences that you can have while traveling. Thus, taking a cold remedy with you will help you take action at the first signs. For example, you can pack some nasal swabs that can help you relieve the symptoms and shorten the cold if you use them as closely as possible to the cold’s debut. Also, you can use rapid melts as a homeopathic remedy.


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