Last Minute Yard Work: Tools to Invest in for Easier Landscaping

In all of the excitement to start your gardening off on the right foot, there’s the temptation to simply throw yourself into the ring without really thinking through all the tools that you’ll need to get the job done efficiently. Here’s a Garden Tool Guide to help you get started.

For some reason, people treat gardening differently than other kinds of jobs and think they can go about it with whatever they have lying around. On the contrary, the right tools can increase your efficiency, yields, and enjoyment of gardening.


Shears, loppers, and rakes are certainly important. Arguably, though, the most important tool, so to speak, at your disposal will be a pair of gardening gloves because gardening gloves will enable you to use all of your other tools safely and more efficiently.

If your garden is like most, then it will have a bunch of thorny weeds and splintery materials to watch out for. Look for a pair of gloves that are extremely durable with a latex outer layer to buffer any thorns from coming into contact with your hands. You want something fairly tight-fitting, breathable yet water-resistant, and a pair of gloves that don’t pinch.

Garden Fork

A garden fork is something that you don’t necessarily think you’ll need until you get your hands on one and discover for yourself how beautifully this tool turns the soil.

A garden fork has an advantage over a spade in terms of turning over tougher, denser soil. Therefore, a garden fork should be your go-to tool for turning over the soil in more arid climates or if your garden doesn’t get a lot of sun throughout the day.


A rake might be your secret weapon in allowing you to set the stage for a garden in the spring and to clean up your garden from debris and leaves in the fall.

If you have limited space in your shed or garage, then you should definitely hunt down an adjustable rake as one of these can enable you to get in between tinier crevices and save space in the shed. Things get more interesting when it comes time to make the decision between plastic rakes and metal rakes since plastic rakes can allow you to rake with more finesse in a delicate lawn whereas a metal rake with steel tines can provide more robust results. Adjust form to function.

Steves equipment attachments can provide you with the custom tools to make your landscaping easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable overall.

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