It’s Never too Early to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space


As the air temperature drops outside, few people are thinking about their outdoor living space and its readiness for the next summer. However, if you want to relax in your garden in July, you have to plan in December and execute the plans in April, let’s say. From the garden furniture to the grill, there are countless ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor space for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Lying down outside

One of the most important segments of any outdoor space are the lounging features. Yes, you probably have chairs and a table but what you really need is a couch or even a bed. The garden area and especially the patio can serve as a provisional bedroom when the weather is fair. Imagine coming back from a stuffy office, stepping outside and, taking a nap in your very own backyard.

In order to increase the “lounging” effect, you can also install a hammock. They are easily available nowadays in the ready-made form at any DIY center. Choose whether you want a PVC one or a traditional rope one and decide where to place it. In between, two trees is the ideal location but you can peg the hammock to the wall of the house if you lack space.

Getting rid of flying pests 

Now, it is hard to get any rest outside if there are flying bugs buzzing around your head. Instead of swinging your hand like a tennis player does with his/her racquet, we hugest taking active measures to keep the pests at bay.

First, you have the option to place eucalyptus or citronella candles to prevent the bugs from ever entering your garden in the first place. An alternative to these natural scented candles are different chemicals that can be bought from the local supermarket but be causing using them, as many of these substances can potentially hurt the environment.

Secondly, there is one cheap method to warn off bugs at nighttime. Namely, you can get some garden lamp posts and place them in the far corners of the garden. Such tactics will ensure that your garden I well-lit but the bugs will congregate far away from the living space you occupy. As an additional benefit, the backyard will be bright enough to dissuade anyone planning a home invasion.

Updating the patio

Speaking of the section of the backyard you will be using the most when it is warm enough outside, it is definitely going to be the patio. However, there are patios and then there are patios. Firstly, a good patio must have a roof but it should provide more protection than serving as a simple shade during the summer months. For instance, an alfresco roof design offers excellent protection against UV rays and rain as well. Furthermore, the structure of the roof should be windproof, so the next storm with gale-force winds doesn’t sweep it away, injuring someone in the process.

Dining outside

Speaking of updating the patio, you should use the fact you have a roof over your head outside to increase the time you spend in the fresh air. One way to achieve this is by dining outside. On a sunny day, there is no reason for the family to eat indoors, as you can have a pleasant lunch in the garden. All you need is a large enough table for everybody to fit at and you are good to go.

If you are planning to throw barbecue parties, then you can add a grill to the backyard. Like the hammock, good BBQ grills are widely available and they are quite affordable. The pinnacle of dining outside would definitely have to be the creation of an outdoor kitchen. This summer kitchen doesn’t have to be elaborate in design nor large in size but it should feature a sink and a burner so you can prepare meals outside.

Building a fire pit

If you’re diehard DIY homeowner, then building a fire pit is a home improvement project you’ll enjoy. The stones that form the outer rim of the fire pit can be taken from the ground or sourced from nature so the final cost is often zero (0) dollars.

After you bind the stones together with mortar, the pit is more or less ready to be tested. The greatest benefit of a fire pit, besides increasing your home’s market value, is the ability to use the outdoor living space during chillier periods of the year. After you acquire a bag of marshmallows and some blankets, it will become possible for you to spend a pleasant evening outside as late in the year as October.

The real secret behind all of the listed DIY projects is the timeline. When March arrives, it is too late to start thinking about the improvements your backyard could do in summer. On the other hand, if you start building anything in June or July, the odds are, you won’t finish it before the end of the season so start planning right now!

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