How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New City After a Move

Moving to a new city can be a great opportunity for both personal and professional reasons. While it may be able to give an adult a fresh start and promise for a better future, moving is always hard on a child. Fortunately, there are a variety of tips that can be followed to help your kids adjust to a new city after moving.

Find Out What is in Your New Town

Before you even move into the new home, you should start the process of getting your kids acclimated. To do this, you should work with your real estate services to get more information about the local amenities. This can include finding out where the local park district is, how to sign your kids up for youth athletics, and what other activities are popular with kids in your new area.

Get Everyone Involved

Once you have moved in, it is important that you get as involved in the community as possible. While you will want your kids to be involved in sports and activities to make friends, it is equally as important that you are involved too. Once you are involved, you will make friends and connections with others. Not only will this set a good example, but it will also help your child form connections in an activity that you can share.

Get a Tour of the School

One of the hardest parts of moving for a kid will be going to a new school. You can make this easier by allowing your child to see the school before their first day. When you contact the school for enrollment, you should see if there is someone that can provide them with a guided tour. This will help your child to feel more acclimated and less nervous during their first day.

Keep in Contact

When you are moving to your new community, you should make sure that you and your children maintain contact with old friends left behind. This will give your child someone else to talk to during challenging times that may better understand their situation. Additionally, it will give a healthy perspective into what true friendship is all about.


Ultimately, moving into a new home can be challenging for a child. While it is important that you try to get them involved and help them feel comfortable again, you also need to be patient. For some kids, it can take awhile before they are happy in a new setting. Through this, you need to be supportive to ensure they are not further discouraged.

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