5 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Solve Them

How often do you use your garage door? It’s estimated that the average garage door rolls up and down more than 1,500 times per year. With all that heavy lifting occurring repeatedly, it should come as no surprise when something breaks after countless operations. 

As much as these issues can be a headache for busy homeowners to deal with, most repair jobs are actually quite simple and don’t strictly require professional assistance. You just need to know what to do. Here are five common garage door problems and how to solve them. 

Opener Switch Unresponsive

If the door doesn’t move when pressing the opener switch, there are several factors to consider. Your door might be locked, so start by checking the lock button. Another possibility is that the motor is unplugged. 

Two more complex causes are a damaged photo-eye sensor and tripping circuit breaker. In any case, ensure that nothing is covering the movement sensor and the lens isn’t clouded. You should also look for any burnt fuses. It can help to reset the circuit breaker as well. 

Noisy Garage Door

Squeaking sounds typically indicate that the rollers need lubrication or replacement. Rattling sounds are a sign that a component has come loose and tightening the hardware should fix it. 

Keypad Not Working

If your keypad isn’t responding, check if it needs new batteries first. When the problem persists, reprogramming is the next option. The instructions to reprogram your keypad can be found in the instruction manual or online. 

One other factor to consider is the antenna that receives signals from your keypad. It’s located on the motor. The only thing you can really do here is to ensure that the antenna is pointing directly towards the ground. If your keypad still fails to work, you’ll probably have to call in an expert. 

Your best bet in these situations is to consult a service provider that specialises in garage door repairs. Working with a company like Silver Garage Doors gives you access to qualified technicians who will accurately diagnose and treat the problem. They also make sure to get the job done on the first visit and perform lasting repairs. 

Door Not Opening or Closing

If your garage door doesn’t seem to be responding, and you’ve checked the remote or keypad, move on to the opener unit. Here, you should check if all the lights are on and working. This will reveal whether the motor is disconnected from a power supply, or a fuse is blown.    

Door Not Moving When Motor Runs

You might find that when you press the open/close button, the motor activates but the door stays in place. The usual culprit is the limits, which could be off. You can adjust them to signal to the motor when it should stop working. Another possibility is that the garage door is disconnected from the motor itself, which will then require reattachment. 

A bit of maintenance will go a long way in preventing future garage door problems. Be sure to take care of your door moving forward. 

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