What Renovations Improve House Value Most Of All?

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There are many reasons and justifications for renovating a house. Perhaps you just wish to improve the place you live. That’s rather understandable. Maybe there’s an issue that’s been bugging you for years that you would finally like to resolve. That’s also a good idea. Or, and this is more than valid too – perhaps you just want to improve your home value, perhaps to prepare for a sale now, or to invest in your home and reap the benefits later. A third great idea.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the latter justification. Of course, there are some prerequisites and assumptions we’re going to make here. If you’re hoping to renovate your house for value, we’d assume that you wish to get the most value out of your investment, no matter what. That’s simply a good investment strategy. Luckily, there are a few places in which prioritizing your attention can lead to better results. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of them:

First Impressions

‘Curb appeal’ is often a term spoken of by those who wish to help you with your exterior design, and it’s a great term and philosophy to consider, but first impressions aren’t necessarily crafted by what you can see from the curb or just outside the home. For instance, when the gate opens and a person steps foot onto your property, their perspective changes. It might be that fixing up the immediate garden and introductory area is more important than considering the sightlines from the road.

For instance, ensuring that the driveway is properly maintained and weeds are pulled can help you. Epoxy resin driveways are considered to be the best visual offering, as well as the most comfortable to drive and park on. Your front door and window arches will define how people see the house. The use of your garden space and the divisions laid there (between garden paths, flower beds, and turf) make a huge difference. In other words, your front exterior can make the most difference when it comes to improving the valuation of your house, as first impressions are heavily significant in this calculation.

A Great Roof Replacement

You’d be surprised how the quality and condition of a roof can contribute to the overall valuation of a house. Of course, it’s important to make sure the roof is properly sealed, in good condition, not missing any roof tiles, and able to withstand the elements.

But it can also be that an investment in your roof, perhaps via installing solar panels from the best solar companies, can help you ensure an excellent outcome. After all, solar panels not only showcase a house ready to fuse renewable energies into its daily consumption, but an installation that should last for years, and is certain to reduce overall energy costs. It’s not hard to see why that would be appealing to prospective home buyers, and why real estate is against looking at this saleable feature with fondness, adjusting the valuations accordingly.

Kitchen Installations

As kitchens are considered to heart of a home, it’s no wonder that proper appliances are considered an excellent necessity. But of course, purchasing a new coffee machine is unlikely to raise the value of your home, likely because if it’s good enough, you’ll be taking that coffee maker with you when you move.

But the larger kitchen installations that can last years, such as switching from a conventional oven to an oil-burning Aga, or perhaps widening the pantry space, or even something as simple as adding a new ventilation hood for those who really enjoy searing steaks, the larger installations (even if this means neatly fitting a microwave into the cabinet ware via worthwhile design), can truly improve the value of your house. 

If your kitchen looks like a comforting place to cook and spend time with the family, home valuation services will look at this fondly, as well as a prospective buyer. It’s not hard to see why.

Extensions & New Builds

Extensions and new builds on the property are, of course, renovations that will determine the value of the space most of all. Widening a living room and bedroom, adding a small addendum onto the house, renovating the nearby barn into a spare living space and bedroom, or even constructing a new build in the garden for an exterior office environment, all of this will have the absolute most effect on home value.

Just be sure you get the right permission from the planning council in order to move forward and cost your project appropriately. With this advice, we’re certain that your home renovations will be worth their weight in gold.

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