6 Home Staging Tips That Will Save You Money

The real estate market is very competitive nowadays. The first impression you leave might as well be your last. That’s why sellers put a lot of money and effort into staging. But, do you really have to spend a fortune to have a magazine-worthy property on the open day? Not necessarily. That’s why we prepared six home staging tips that will save you money. 

1. Completely scrub anything that needs it

The first rule that won’t cost you basically a thing (and somehow a lot of sellers forget it in the sea of grandiose staging ideas) is to make your property as clean as possible. When potential buyers visit, they expect nothing less than a five-star hotel level of cleanliness. Hotels always seem so inviting. This is due to the fact that everything is cleaned consistently to appeal to consumers on a daily basis. 

Prospective purchasers will definitely peek in closets and beneath sinks. So, you need to clean every nook and corner in the house. Eliminate the dents in the carpet, the damaged paint, and any other unattractive elements. Before you open your business to customers, have a friend take a look at what you’ve accomplished when you’re finished. 

2. Prepare to greet visitors with style

Potential buyers will get their initial image of the property based on the doorway. So, it must convey a favorable impression. Outside, place a welcome mat at the front entrance, and if you want to add some color to the area, consider placing a few potted plants there as well. Inside, define the space by hanging a stunning piece of artwork on the wall. Also, putting a modest area rug in the center of the floor might be a nice final touch.

3. The catch is in an opulent bathroom

We mentioned before how buyers expect a luxurious hotel-like presentation. The good news is that you can use one sneaky trick to put the whole property on the right track – make your bathroom appear luxurious. Yes, of course, you can buy expensive accessories. However, you don’t really have to. There are many home staging tips on how to improve your bathroom’s look. For example, adding plush fabrics to a space is a quick and easy method to make it seem cozier and more welcoming.

Also, if there is a rod in the bathroom, you should use it to display some elegant bath towels. In such case, drape a fluffy white towel over the top of the bathtub, and have a hand towel that has been folded neatly by the sink. A crisp white robe hung on the door is yet another incredible detail that will make your bathroom feel and seem brand new. When used in bathrooms, apothecary jars stocked with toiletries such as soap, loofahs, and cotton balls look and function fantastic.

Play on a sense of smell

To add a final luxurious touch worthy of the finest royal silk – make your bathroom smell nice. Use relaxing aromas such as:

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine

They will give your home a chic and cozy feel that potential buyers will appreciate.

4. Shift the furnishings around

Mixing furniture, materials, and colors is something you should do if you want to avoid having your interior come out as boring. For example, having dining chairs that don’t color-match one other might make a dining space appear more attractive to the eye. Alternately, you may switch out the end chairs with ones with a completely different design. To create the illusion of more space, move the bulky pieces of furniture.

Also, consider painting your kitchen cabinets or island a color contrasting with your kitchen walls. This is a fun upgrade that can look really nice. Avoid painting a whole room in your house white since it will make the space seem uninteresting, dull, and plain.

5. Elimination of clutter is one of the best home staging tips that will save you money

Customers will not pay attention to what is essential if the area is cluttered since it is unpleasant to look at. It also gives the impression that the house isn’t very big. Getting rid of clutter in your house doesn’t cost you any money at all. So, eliminate anything you do not use or need from your home. Also, you should pack your personal items, such as photographs and trinkets. Buyers are there to look at your house, not your belongings. If all that they see are your belongings, it will be difficult for them to imagine themselves occupying the room. 

It will help you in many ways

Besides helping you make an excellent first impression, decluttering can give you a head start once you actually sell and have to move. According to professional movers, decluttering can be a perfect opportunity to help you prepare the most important items and put an essential box on the side.

6. Rays of sun are your best allies

The vast majority of purchasers will place a premium on exposure to natural light. Using it the right way can help you make a calm and cozy atmosphere in your home. As a result, it is in your best interest to increase the quantity of natural light that enters your house as much as you possibly can. It is in your best interest to get rid of any heavy curtains or fancy upholsteries hanging in your home’s windows. Also, we strongly recommend that you replace these things with sheer curtains. They will let the most light in and will make your space seem more spacious.

Bottom line

A good rule of thumb in real estate is to invest safely into things you know will work out. Having that in mind, you can use these six home staging tips that will save you money. That way, you can put your investment money in a place that will pay off more. Staging is an integral part of the whole process and can be an advantage. But, it doesn’t guarantee a sure deal, so it’s best not to stretch your budget too much on it.


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