Best Game Room Decorating Ideas

If you or your children are game lovers having a game room is a definite must. But there is no need to have one huge room in order to have it. Even small spare rooms or a part of the basement can do the trick. So here are some of the best game room decorating ideas for all types of games. 

Have Full-Size Arcade Machines

If you are a game lover there is nothing more mesmerising than a full-size retro arcade game in your home. Because there was a recent spike in retro game parlours it is much easier to get your hands on a vintage arcade game. But before you make the commitment make sure that you have enough space in your room not only in width but in height. 

Create an Upscale Gaming Room

If you are interested in creating a more modern game room, this is the one for you. It is just like creating a home gym nut only instead of the equipment you are having games. Put the main centrepiece games in the middle of the room like a pool table, and spread around other games like a football table in opposite corners. You can even add mirrors on the walls so the room appears much larger than it actually is. You can also put a bar in there so you don’t have to leave every time that you want to have a drink. Put small tables in the room where you will be able to play fun board games. Opt for plain white walls since the room already has so many hectic things in it. 

A Billiards Only Room

If you don’t have children or they are simply not into games, you can create a billiard room where you will have your alone time or time with friends. The best way to do so is by giving your attic a snooker club vibe. Make sure that before you get into decorating it, you cover all the walls and floors with wooden panels so that it is safe to walk on.

To give it that club vibe add two large lights above the pool table and a TV on the side. Make sure that you put enough hooks and shelves to store all the equipment safely and properly. Finding and hunting for the Best Pool Tables can be challenging and also, fun!

A Model Railroad Room

Most people think that model trains are for rich people. But that isn’t true anymore. There are so many companies that have started producing all the parts. Of course, the good quality parts like from E-Trains will cost more because you are paying for performance and all the details. But there is nothing stopping you from still having fun with ones that are cheaper. You can create amazing layouts that will make your room stunning. 

A Full Floor of Games Room

This is an amazing way to create a game room for your children without giving them the freedom of staying at a screen all day. Put down games like hopscotch and foursquare so children of all ages are able to enjoy the room. You can also make space to add tables where people can play board games as well. Of course, you can add game consoles but the main focus should be games that require physical activity. Make fun floor patterns so they draw attention and act as a centerpiece of the room. You can also put little basket hoops on the doors or if it is allowed to kick the ball in the house put two football goals so you can play a fun family game of soccer. 


As we all know games are extremely fun. But all amazing things have to come to an end sooner than later. Make sure that you don’t create a room where your children will spend days and days staining a screen. To make it easier for them to follow their time limits make sure that there is a large clock with an alarm so they can track their time and know when it’s over. Make sure that you don’t pull all-nighters no matter if you are playing board games or video games. After all there is always the next day to continue playing. 


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