Top 5 Wedding Destinations on the West Coast

Have you ever considered choosing a wedding destination on the West Coast? There are lots of amazing avenues where you can enjoy and have fun with your loved one. The region is lurking with beautiful beaches and an inviting spirit of adventure. This is the perfect place to host your wedding and enjoy your honeymoon.

Choosing a single spot among numerous exquisite destinations on the Pacific coast can be tough. To make the decision easier for you, here are the top 5 wedding destinations on the West Coast for you.

Malibu in California

If you are looking for a perfect wedding destination on the West Coast, try Malibu in California. This little haven on the West Coast has perfect weather, scenic surroundings, and wonderful areas to explore. It is one of the best places you can go if you want a dream wedding. Enjoy your nuptials on the scenic sandy beaches of the Pacific or in a private ranch overlooking the mountains. One of the best wedding venues in Malibu is the Bel Air Bay Club. The resort, sandwiched between Malibu and Santa Monica, is a perfect private wedding venue for you.

Enjoy your day on beautiful grass lawns with an angelic view of palm trees and the ocean. Other Malibu, California, destinations include Duke’s, Malibu Sea View Estate, The Malibu Garden Estate, The West Beach Club, and Rancho Del Cielo.

Long Beach in Washington

The Pacific peninsula makes for one of the ideal wedding destinations on the West Coast. If you are looking for an area filled with vast choices for you and your partner, this is the best place to be. You virtually have multiple places to select from, from cozy cottages to extravagant hotels and resorts along the beach. Some wedding venues you can pick from include Chautauqua Lodge Resort, the Astor Ruins, Salt Hotel & Pub, Adrift Hotel & Spa, or The Red Building Loft.

San Diego in California

If you want a wedding destination with perfect weather and a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean, then you should go to San Diego. The best thing is that this coastal town has a coastal city vibe with all modern city features. It is a dreamy wedding destination for anyone looking for a fun memory during their wedding.

Some awesome places to host your wedding or enjoy your honeymoon in San Diego include The Secret Garden (Rancho Santa Fe), The Bellafonte Resort, Alverez Farm and Vineyard, or an offshore adventure with Triton Charters.

San Francisco Bay Area in California

San Francisco Bay Area offers more than just silicon chips. Being a coastal city along the Pacific, it’s one of the top wedding destinations in the country. Adorned with palm trees, sandy beaches, historical landmarks, gardens, hotels, and parks, this is one idyllic destination for your wedding or honeymoon.

Some amazing venues for your wedding or honeymoon include the Flood Mansion, the Golden Gate Club, San Francisco City Hall, The Julia Morgan Ballroom, among others. With the exquisite elopement packages San Francisco has to offer, you’ll have a stress-free and memorable time in the city.

Cannon Beach in Oregon

If you are looking for a picture-perfect wedding destination, then Cannon Beach in Oregon is exactly where you want to go. The green forest neighboring Cannon Beach creates the perfect background for your pictures. Feel free to pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy yourself on the beach with your other half. You can also check into a hotel or resort overlooking the ocean for the breathtaking view of this coastal city.

The most alluring wedding destinations in Cannon Beach include Haystack Gardens, The Cannon Beach Conference Center, Surfsand Resort, Surfview Rooftop Deck, Hallmark Resort, among others. During your stay in the city, you can visit other scenic recreational areas such as Tolovana Beach, Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Icefire Glasswork, and Ecola State Park.


No other wedding destination beats the West Coast, especially if you are looking to have fun. The region has perfect weather, beautiful sandy beaches, amazing landmarks, resorts, hotels, gardens, parks, and ranches you can visit or host your wedding. It is the idyllic getaway place for your wedding or honeymoon. Visit these top five wedding destinations for memorable and fun experiences during your nuptials.

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