Perfect Family Night with ThinkFun Games!

One of my favorite aspects about the holidays is the fact that more family time seems to pop up. It’s not like family time is moot the rest of the year but, the holidays just seem to make it easier. ThinkFun Games is one of our go-to ideas for the family nights we enjoy so much during the holidays. 

Unique Games!

ThinkFun Games has such exciting and unique game ideas. This time around, we chose Shadows of the Forest and and Cat Crimes. Shadows of the Forest is one of their newest games. It sounded unique and different from the games we had played before. So, we decided it was the perfect addition to our collection of board games. 

Perfect Gift Idea!

Cat Crimes is going to be the best game for my niece for Christmas since she’s obsessed with cats. I was going to share a photo or two of our 14 rescue kitties but, I was afraid I would get carried away. So, I figured I would save you from a million cat photos and just tell you why she was so obsessed with them.

I’m pretty sure half the fun of playing Shadows in the Forest was the setup. My husband was like, “Wait for me, I want to do the setup toooo!” Usually he tries to weasel out of that sort of stuff. So, that tells you how much fun it was. The game was a blast. It says to play it in the dark. I definitely suggest doing that because, although fun with the lights on, it was ten times more fun in the dark.

I have to say, it was our first game we had ever played in the dark and it was riveting. It would have been awesome to have gotten photos of it in the dark, but nothing would show up on my camera. The dice even glow in the dark! Overall, your family will have a blast with this game and any game you get from Thinkfun Games!


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