Turn your home into a playground for generations

If you have a basement, an attic or some other space available, consider turning it into a game or entertainment center for the whole family. Even though it requires some extra money and time, it will be worth it. Spending countless hours in the playground with your kids, watching movies with your spouse or sports games with your friends will make up for the time lost in the renovation. Just figure out what you want and start remodeling!

Here are a few tips on how to make your house into a playground:   

Set a budget and decide what you want

Setting an available budget is the first step in remodeling. And it can prove to be a hard task. Just as you’ve decided to go in one direction, unexpected costs could force you to make changes. This could ultimately make you unhappy with the final result. That’s why carefully planning what you and your loved ones want is important.

First, decide which room you want to redecorate for this purpose. Second, see if you’re willing to use the whole space available, or just a part. Third, you need to know what equipment you want. And last, but not least, decide how much time you want to spend there. If you are planning on spending a large chunk of your day there, it might be wise to install a bathroom and some water supply. This will bring your costs up significantly. 

Ask your family and friends 

Unless you plan to make a retreat for yourself, chances are you’ll be sharing this room with others. And they can help you in the remodeling process. There are so many choices, and they could eventually leave you baffled and not knowing where to go next. Thus, it is important to have your family and friends in mind. Consulting with them will make your choice easier from the get-go. After all, they will spend most of the time with you there. And by catering to their needs, you’ll create a vibe that everyone enjoys. 

Choose the right equipment 

Depending on the theme and direction you choose for your playground, you’ll purchase the right equipment. There are so many styles you could go for. Sports, movies, music, cartoons, nature, hunting are all viable options. It depends on who will use this room the most. If you plan to let the kids run wild there, you need to have appropriate entertainment for them, such as board and video games, swings and slides, and lots of toys.

However, if you plan to entertain your guests here, first you must invest in some quality furniture. Having an uncomfortable couch can make the experience unenjoyable for everyone. A TV set is a must since you’ll probably spend much of your time watching sports or movies there.

Dartboards, pool tables, table-hockey or poker tables could all be great additions to your game room. If you enjoy working out, you could put home gym equipment in one corner of your room. You might even get some golf swing training tools that help you with your performance. Possibilities are countless. Just keep in mind, most of the stuff you plan to incorporate takes up a large amount of space. That’s why you need to plan carefully, to get the most out of your space.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but indoor playgrounds and game rooms can be quite noisy. With kids playing loud arcade and tabletop games there, you watching sporting events, or having a workout with music on, it can be really exhausting for the neighbors. Therefore, you should consider soundproofing your game room. Not only will it minimize the outside noise, but it will also improve the sound quality inside your dedicated space. Also, it will reduce the noise going to other parts of your home. Luckily, soundproofing isn’t that hard and expensive. Some extra framing, insulation foam, an extra carpet or a curtain can do wonders.


Since there are so many options available, you could easily get distracted and steer off course. However, just because you could try countless things when turning your home into a playground, it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Making a clutter with all sorts of accessories will make the process less fun for everyone. That’s why it is crucial to keep your family in mind first and to blend naturally all the things you and they love.

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