Going Green: Environment-Friendly Roofing for Every Nature-Loving Household

There’s been a growing concern over the ill effects of asphalt shingles, especially when it gets hot outside. Fortunately, healthier and greener options are now made available.

Living green is going on a whole new level. Not only will Mother Earth smile at these innovations, you’ll also smile at the price and durability of these green options. So the next time you’ll re-roof your house, better consider greener options over asphalt shingles.

On Asphalt Shingles

As the name suggests, this type contains asphalt – a sticky, semi-solid petroleum. You should also watch out for any presence of asbestos. Not only will this pose a health hazard to your family, but also to the roofing company who works on the repairs and installation.

The government has taken measures by allowing only a little amount of the harmful substances on building materials. Furthermore, their disposal is also a matter that needs serious attention. Thus, strict regulations have been imposed to ensure that they’re properly recycled, as they can pretty much be reprocessed and used again.

Recycling waste materials is basically what the world needs right now. With all the waste harming our oceans and environment, desperate measures are needed to save what’s left on our planet. And that’s where asphalt shingles take pride on: their recyclability.

On Their Recycled-Content

Asphalt shingles aren’t all that bad. In fact, these shingles also have recycled components. Many roofing companies recycle asphalt shingles that have been removed. Also, a subtype of the asphalt shingles called organic shingles have a base mat made of paper, wood chips, cardboards and everything recyclable and organic.

The organic shingle’s asphalt covering serves as a waterproofing agent, so you can guarantee that it’s durable and long-lasting.


If you want a roofing material that can last as long as 50 years, this is the one for you.

Aside from its relative affordability, what makes metal roofing stand out? It’s the recycled content of this roofing system. Metal roofing available on the market is almost 95% made of recycled materials. Also, they have lesser carbon footprint compared to shingles.

This makes an even greener alternative because it’s virtually zero out-gassing and 100% recyclable. Aluminum can be repainted, so why not cut your cooling cost further by painting your metal roof white or any cool colors?


What makes roofing costly and not-so-environmentally friendly is the need for replacement quite often. Thus, it makes a difference if you opt for long-lasting alternatives, say 80 years to a decade when installed carefully and properly.

You might be wondering about the benefits of slate roofing. Well, one of the most durable roofing systems available is slate tiles. Aside from their attractive finish, they’re also incredibly fire-resistant.

Clay Tile

When choosing the right roofing system for your house, it pays to consider the climate and certain weather conditions that often take place in your area. If you live near the sea or in hot and humid areas, then clay tiles might just be the ones you’re looking for.

There are also tons of advantages when opting to install clay tiles for your roof. Clay tiles are undeniably durable. They’ve been known to withstand hail, strong winds and fire. They can endure winds as fast as 125 miles per hour. They’re practically low maintenance and they don’t easily break.

The materials used are unquestionably nature-friendly. According to Modernize, the tiles are made of earth minerals, namely clay or dirt with “aluminum, silica, carbonaceous material, magnesium, water and other natural components.” Even rejected or broken tiles can be “crushed and reused.”

With these raw materials, the tiles are good thermal regulators for homes, suitable for warm and cold weather conditions. Did I mention they’re UV-resistant?

Wood Shake

Using wood means cutting precious trees in the forest. True, but it makes a difference if the manufacturer also replaces and cares for the newly planted tree.

If you completely abhor the cutting of trees, you may proceed to the next alternative. But if you’re willing to consider this type of roofing, read on.

Most wood shingles and shakes are made of western red cedar, but they can also be made of cypress, pine and redwood trees. They’ve also been treated to resist termites and other insects, including fire retardants so they won’t easily catch fire. They’re also known to hold against harsh weathers.

On average, this lasts for only 20 years but can last longer under favorable climates.

Green Roof

This is going to send you to a more literal spin. Green roofs are becoming a trend, especially in urban areas where there’s limited to no space for gardening. Rooftops have been converted to green roofs where owners can grow all sorts of plants.

Plants are known to lessen the impact of urban heat island, help in the absorption of carbon and reduce air pollution. The plants also act as an insulator, especially during hot seasons. During the rainy periods of the year, the vegetation mitigates water runoff.

This is perfect for buildings with ample space on their rooftops. The maintenance could be quite costly but it’s an investment for physical and emotional well-being, as well as the improvement of the environment.

In Choosing What’s Best…

One important reminder in dealing with roofing matters is that they need to be handled by experts. This is not something you can just DIY, as this requires going up your roof and inspecting it to the tiniest details to name a few.

A keen eye for details and proper equipment are necessary to safely and successfully assess your roof. Furthermore, roofing experts can give you the best advice with regard to the best roofing system for your house. It takes experience and knowledge in determining the best for your money and home.

Going green is definitely a growing trend everywhere in the world. With the increasing awareness of the effects of global warming, people are now keen on living as naturally as possible.

Gone are the days when we had no choice but to embrace what’s harmful to the environment because we were left with no choice. But thanks to scientific and technological advancements, we now have countless healthier and greener options to enjoy.

Let’s give Mother Nature a break by doing what’s beneficial to the environment. It can be a simple act of growing your own veggies and planting trees, or it could be a lifetime investment in your house like replacing your roofing with eco-friendly systems.


Contributed by Abigail Sabijon


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